FlightPilotDee, currently known as 416dede, is an American rap artist located in Dallas who immediately throws a fresh wave of progressive flows your way with his song, “Serving Pressure”. He understands how to compose a song with sparkling vocals, hard-hitting beats, and wordplay. He’s been in the business for a long and has a solid portfolio.

“Serving Pressure” by 416dede is a catchy song with a lot of energy. It contains some fantastic percussion parts as well as a lot of fascinating movements. From the flow to the chorus to the classically inspired trap drum-built beat, the song is a surefire success. It has rhythm, swing, and the sweetest face you’ve heard to date.

416dede: disponibilizado o petardo “Serving Pressure”; confira e saiba mais  – Roadie Music

In terms of his track, 416dede revealed the following:

“I created the track because I wanted to give my fans something to listen to that will hype them up. I love tracks that have a bunch of energy and are fun to rap along with when playing it back. My lyrics are always true to me and I want my fans to know what my experiences have been like in life. I want my listeners to understand the things I’ve been through and the things I’ve seen in my past and still see in my day-to-day life. It is important for people to know I have always wanted to share my stories through my music so that they can hear and feel my journey with me.”

“Serving Pressure” is a quick rhythm gushing music steeped in the sound of bells, snare, kicks, hi-hats, and strings, taking us on an explosive and powerful trip, exhibiting only the brightest lights on 416DEDE as an artist you won’t be able to have more of. With the powerful beats and the incredibly fascinating melody that plays in the background, the entire music is a mood. I especially like how upbeat the music is.

416DEDE – Serving Pressure - Find No Enemy

With an engaging rhythm and seamless flow, 416dede has crafted music that deserves to be on the rankings. “Serving Pressure” offers everything you’d want in a Rap song, with every aspect on spot.

Listen to “Serving Pressure” by 416dede on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

I’m back serving pressure
I’m waking up to phone calls
My glock on the dresser
This exoctic come test it
Got some shake for the stretchers
We took them losses in the mail
All my placements be measured