Ettie is a fascinating artist located in London who, as a Literature graduate, understands her way around words and tells a tale with a mix of levity and earnestness. Her new single “Until I Met U” which is her debut song this year, has the feel of a breezy love tune from the early 2000s mixed with Pop-Punk.

Ettie’s music is fundamentally honest and autonomously vibrant, drawing inspirations from Hailey Williams, Avril Lavigne, and Pale Waves, as well as the 2000s boybands of her past. She harnesses these influences beautifully, resulting in an addictively noisy output.

The song’s composition has an uneasy tone, but it is contrasted by the vibrant electronic and dance instrumentals, creating some amount of energetic sound. “Until I Met You,” the pop-punk-influenced song from the early 2000s, follows the still topic of love overcoming everything and being able to draw anybody out of the deepest recesses of their psyche, as the bright light and redemption we all seek as the song comes with a clear message in its title and lyrics.

The song “Until I Met You” is also geared toward individuals who desire regarding finding love and those that are apprehensive of the notion. It’s difficult to be susceptible, to let your guard down, to be joyful, and not know if it will last, thus this single is perfect for you. Also, the emotive, poetic, and relevant lyrics of the track convey what it’s like to have attachment fears and fear of others failing you, but that one day you’ll find someone who will eradicate all your anxieties and negative past actions.

Ettie co-wrote “Until I Met You” with pop genius Steven Chase, who assisted in making the song catchy, poignant, and playful. Jennings Couch created the incredible production, and the song was released on May 20, 2022.

Listen to “Until I Met You” by Ettie on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!