In case you haven’t noticed, 6ix9ine has been in the news quite a bit. Overall, this is not for the best reasons. Just a few weeks ago, the rapper was beaten up at an LA Fitness in Miami. Subsequently, he was clowned on the internet, while his attackers escaped the scene. Eventually, the artist decided that it would be best to go on a trip to Cuba. In the midst of this trip, 6ix9ine got some semblance of justice as three of his alleged attackers were arrested and brought up on charges.

While in Cuba, 6ix9ine has actually been teasing some new music. In various Instagram videos, it appeared as though the rapper was gaining some steam. He has some dedicated fans left, and they wanted to see which direction he would go. In the past, he has dabbled in Latin music. With the rise of Bad Bunny and others, Latin music is certainly on everyone’s radar, especially on the global stage. Consequently, 6ix9ine has opted to go right back into that lane with his new song “Bori.”

6ix9ine Completely Changes His Sound

This new song features the likes of Latin singer Lenier. Moreover, the two dropped a music video for the song. As you will immediately see, this is a massive shift for 6ix9ine. Overall, this song has a knack for the dramatic. You get some huge drums, massive choruses, and a ton of passion and emotion coming out of 6ix9ine and Lenier’s vocals. While many fans are used to 6ix9ine screaming all over the beat, we now get a much different version of the artist. Furthermore, the music video showcases him in various Cuban communities, giving the locals money and swimming in the ravines.

If you hate 6ix9ine, this song will probably not sway you into liking him. However, if you don’t mind the rainbow-haired rapper, and love Latin music, then maybe this is for you. Let us know what you think of the song, down below. Additionally, stay tuned to SONGWEB for more news from the music world.

Notable Lyrics (English Translation):

I never had a toy’, Santa Claus never gave me a gift’
Only had a guitar without a string’, and a microphone made of sticks
I learned from false’ friends, I learned to ignore the’ ungrateful’
But I always walked with my feet on the ground because I didn’t have shoes