“I Told My Momma I’m Gonna Be Rich And Famous”, 99Drizzy declares in New Song.

Born Andrew Idara, ’99Drizzy’ is a rising young Nigerian Afro Trap Recording Artist based in Lagos where he’s lived all his life. 99Drizzy has signed with Sufferings and Offerings Music in the United States and aspires to be one of the world’s top artists. 99drizzy recently released his first single of the year, “Rich & Famous,” along with a music video. Genesix produced and mixed the track “Rich & Famous,” which was released on April 22nd, 2022.

99Drizzy’s effortlessly catchy hymn, smooth and slick, is a tribute to how far Nigerian hip-hop has gone. The Lagos-based up-and-comer has already amassed a considerable following and is certainly on the cusp of fame. The tune is great for the current day, clocking in at less than two minutes yet with just enough catchiness to keep you captivated for a long time. It’s a lot of fun, combining current auto-tune with the flow and sleek energy that afrobeat is known for to produce a feeling that you can’t get enough of.

He reflects on his life as an artist and his hopes to become successful despite all the hurdles stacked against him in the quiet yet snappy song. The video portrays his laid-back performing approach while also featuring some interesting elements.

The title track from 99Drizzy’s long-awaited new EP, “Rich & Famous,” sets the tone. Show some love to the young king and allow us to support this incredible talent. Listen to “Rich & Famous” on Spotify and YouTube and leave us a comment.

Notable Lyrics
Remember them days a young n**** was coming up,
All of them bros in the streets been no believe in us,
Life was hard in the streets but still we no give up
Came a long way from the trenches my n**** know wassup