Thursday , June 8 2023

Al Mur Releases “Goodbye Summer!”

Al Mur’s ‘Goodbye Summer!’, Is A lo-fi Instrumental Perfect For Studying Or Relaxing.

Al Mur’s new release dubbed “Goodbye Summer!” has a really unique and cinematic vibe about it. Al Mur is an electronic music composer/producer from North Carolina who creates music with virtual instruments. Al Mur has always been enthralled by all types of music, from pop to classical. He learned to play the guitar in high school but never mastered it. “Goodbye Summer!” was recorded and produced in his home studio and released on May 9th, 2022.

Al Mur is influenced by numerous musicians, especially classical composers, when it comes to composing music. Because he like vintage rock, disco, and instrumental hip hop, Mur’s favorite composers are List and Mussorgsky. However, Deadmou5, Brian Culbertson, and Misc. Inc. have all inspired his current work. Mur often performs in local fine art events and exhibitions as a way of showcasing his talent.

“Goodbye Summer!” combines elements of R&B and Pop music to create a fascinating composition with a plethora of wonderful sounds that would appeal to most listeners when having a good time. “Goodbye Summer!” is a song about love and feeling happy, with a peaceful and mellow mood inspired by Al Mur’s wife’s oil on canvas painting of their daughter.

This song takes you on a journey, it’s music to lose yourself in and ponder about. It’s a fantastic piece of work that mixes an unusual kind of music with inspiring and peaceful instruments. . Most individuals may relate to the song’s atmosphere if they’ve had a tough day at work and need to de-stress.

Stream “Goodbye Summer!” on Al Mur’s Spotify and feel relaxed!

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