Just Arrogant Animals, a Kawartha Lakes-based four-piece powerhouse, has released a powerful and thrilling rock album that defies norms and embraces raw energy. “Liars For Hire Episode I,” which came out on June 16th, is a strong combination of gritty rock, alternative tones, and a hint of bluesy swagger, demonstrating the band’s talent in generating hard-hitting riffs and irresistible songs that connect with the listener on a deeper level. Let me go through the entire album with you since the band members, Kyle Knowles, Bri Maharaj, Pat Sabyan, and Mike Murczek, worked together to produce an incredible album.

Home” kicks off the album with an emotionally intense piece about personal struggles and the need for belonging. This song also depicts a man struggling to find his way back home after his relationship with his beloved fell apart. As a result, it depicts anguish and the need to find consolation in a comfortable environment. Kyle Knowles’ strong vocals applaud the song’s raw intensity, bringing listeners in as they identify with the sentiments of uncertainty and desire for a place to call ‘home’.

The second track immediately captivates the listener with its strong and haunting melody blasting enchanting melodies over funky basslines. “Rattle in My Bones” explores emotional issues and addresses inner demons. The lyrics provide an honest depiction of the internal fights we experience, touching on themes of anxiety and self-doubt. In my opinion, this song is dedicated to unsung heroes and those who speak up for the voiceless. It’s fairly strong, and what kept me entertained while listening was the electric guitar solo that was masterfully played amid the song to accentuate its attractiveness. This song is a standout on the album due to the band’s passionate delivery and raw vigor.

The edgy and intriguing melody of “Black Widow” takes a darker turn. The premise of this song is toxic relationships and the enticement of dangerous people. The band highlights the essence of deceit and the pitfalls of falling for false masks with lyrics that look at the manipulative nature of certain people and the emotional web they create. The expressive and passionate vocal delivery, along with the powerful but gentle electric guitar playing, produce a stirring performance and a strong ambiance that capture the essence of this profound journey.

In “Mister In-Between,” Just Arrogant Animals presents a scathing condemnation of indecision and the repercussions of failing to take a side. The song deftly traverses the complexity of making difficult decisions in a society that requires clarity and conviction. The raw rock style of this music emphasizes the potency of the message, pushing us to embrace our uniqueness and make our voices heard. Likewise, the combination of different tones and a bluesy swagger produces an emotional and contemplative atmosphere.

Can’t Stop Dancing” infuses the album with vitality, allowing listeners to let loose and dance to the infectious beats. The band’s cohesion is evident, with each member adding to the lively and energetic vibe. Though the lyrics appear comfortable on the surface, they dive into the notion of employing dancing as an escape from life’s difficulties, providing a break from reality. This song will quickly become a fan favorite among those seeking a lighter, feel-good experience. The melody is appealing and will have you nodding along.

With its strong guitar riffs and hard-hitting drumming, “Napalm” reintroduces edgy and intense vibes. The song deals with themes of destruction and chaos, alluding to the devastation caused by war and battle. It acts as a visceral reminder of the dangers of violence and the importance of finding ways to compromise. The song effortlessly develops a wonderful atmosphere that will pique the interest of listeners due to its staggering musical flow.

The band executes an introspective ballad in “Solo,” revealing a more emotional side to their music. As the song explores themes of loneliness and solitude, Kyle Knowles’ emotional vocals take center stage. The flawless instrumentation contributes to the rawness of the emotions spoken, making it one of the finest on the album.

The Devil Knows” serves as an explosive finale to the album, bringing together all of the elements that constitute Just Arrogant Animals’ unique sound. The band celebrates its style and voice in defiance of conventional standards, highlighting the topic of the ongoing battle for originality in a world that demands conformity. Standing ovation for the great drum start and Kyle Knowles’ vocal performance, which produces a highly compelling combination that enlivens one’s mood. With the band’s synergy at work in this piece, even ‘the devil knows’ that this is a wonderful piece of music.

Just Arrogant Animals have created a stunning and emotionally charged rock album in “Liars For Hire Episode I,” showcasing their musical talent and ability to dive into deep issues. Each song vibrates with raw intensity and real emotion, immersing us in their universe and leaving an indelible impression. This album is a compelling trip that displays their potential for greatness in the rock music world, from pensive ballads to hard-hitting verses.

Listen to the “Liars for Hire, Episode 1” album by Just Arrogant Animals on Spotify, and let us know your thoughts.

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