‘More Than Fun,’ a soulful nu-disco influenced dance-pop tune, will have you dancing.

Currently residing in Otautahi New Zealand, Lauren Marshall, known as LOVETA, was born and raised in Hawke’s Bay. Lauren has a wide artistic background and has spent many years of her career on stage. She is influenced by top-tier musicians such as YEBBA, Amber Mark, Kim Petras, and Dua Lipa, as well as divas from the 60s and 70s. She is old energy with a fresh flavor, coming to provide you energy from the past that meets the present. She just released “More Than Fun,” an upbeat and danceable song.

‘More Than Fun’ by LOVETA is a song about the thrill of meeting someone wonderful. It’s fun and mischievous, hinting at the sparks flying and the anticipation of what the night brings. The words remind us not to take life too seriously. We are all aware that things may change in a second, therefore it is critical to make the most of every opportunity. So do whatever makes you happy, and don’t allow anyone to get in your way.


You can sense the impact of the past on “More Than Fun,” with her tremendous vocal ability that makes us all feel like we’re having the best of our life. She has, however, managed to take what is currently being done right in pop music and put her twist on it to find a space. You’ll hear parts of electropop, disco, funk, and so much more wrapped up in a four-minute ball of ecstasy.

The phrase “Don’t want to waste no time, never know what tomorrow brings” encourages us to live in the now and go with the flow, since “it’s only you and I as we groove along.”

LOVETA’s ‘More Than Fun’ serves as a welcome diversion. The song has a traditional feel to it, but it also has a current pop sensation. The track is vibrant and ready to be turned up as summer approaches.

LOVETA collaborated with well-known New Zealand producer Wulfie as well as industry heavyweight Simon Gooding to create this wonderful and danceable music, which she released on May 20, 2022.

I strongly advise you to listen to this song on LOVETA’s Spotify to brighten your day.

Notable Lyrics

Don’t wanna waste no time
Never know what comes tomorrow
Just pull me in closer and tear up this dance floor Just you and I
Let’s take this feeling higher
Cause I’m falling again while I’m holding your hand No more stalling, hear me calling