Ben Drysdale, an esteemed songwriter from Australia, releases his debut solo single, “If I Don’t Lie Down.” Inspired by a sleepless night in Hawaii, this moving song captures the essence of Drysdale’s journey through the music sector. The song, which came out today, December 15, 2023, is an insightful example of Ben’s drive and the potential to change oneself by accepting fragility. Sharing stages with icons like Paul Kelly and Chris Isaak, Ben Drysdale’s international journey has shaped his musical personality, and “If I Don’t Lie Down” is an emblem of his growth as an artist. Now, stay with me, and let’s see what happens ‘if I don’t lie down.’

The song’s natural, polished quality attracted us right away, building a close bond with Dyrsdale’s heartfelt lyrics from the very first note. The opening lines: “If I don’t lie down, then I won’t fall asleep. If I don’t dive in, I won’t ever sink too deep,” was an appropriate opening that took us on a wonderful journey through Ben Drysdale’s experience. Penned in the early hours of the morning in Hawaii and inspired by the Hawaii Songwriting Festival, Drysdale’s symbolic choice—whether or not to lie down—cleverly nods to his experiences there and defines the heart of his artistic journey. Ben Drysdale’s vocals, like an angel, leveled the song’s feel near limitless. His vocal work was just as stunning as the song itself, bringing each lyric to life with an unfiltered passion that let us feel what he was singing. It’s like he performed with a simplicity that tugged at our heartstrings.

Written by Ben Drysdale and Drew Barbes, the lyrics of “If I Don’t Lie Down” tell a bleak tale about the decisions we make and the effects they have. A refrain weaved throughout the song, “If I don’t lie down, I’ll be alright,” appears as a ray of hope despite the tangled uncertainties of life. The song’s lyrics speak to a universal truth: it takes courage to face one’s fears and embrace the journey, no matter how unknown. The verses are subtly woven with the theme of transformation and the shedding of the blanket of comfort. Also, as he sings, “Everything and nothing has changed, and I’m too damn old to let it stay the same,” he conveys the clash of growth and resistance to stasis in the song. This makes the lyrics not just ordinary words but a fragment of a soul laid bare. “If I Don’t Lie Down” is an anthem for anyone standing at the crossroads of change.

The instrumentation, featuring Drysdale’s acoustic guitar and complemented by the piano, electric guitar, and a seasoned ensemble, creates a sonorous tapestry that beautifully underscores the lyrical narrative. Niall Howe’s piano and Guyy Lilleyman’s electric guitar provide a dynamic backdrop, enhancing the emotional depth of the composition. The production, handled by Amberly Studios, showcases a meticulous balance, allowing each instrument to shine while maintaining a cohesive sonic landscape. The production quality is impeccable and the sound remains authentic to the folk roots, allowing Ben Drysdale’s talent to shine brightly.

Overall, “If I Don’t Lie Down” is an insightful look into the human condition. With this song, Ben Drysdale urges us to face our worries, accept our weaknesses, and find strength in the face of uncertainty. With beautiful melodies, soul-stirring vocals, and significant lyrics, this song of determination confirms Ben Drysdale as a major player in the music industry. His moment has finally come, and “If I Don’t Lie Down” is a gripping introduction to the chapters in his musical journey that remain to be written. Time is of the moment. If you don’t press the play button, you’ll be missing out on a stunning work of art.

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