Beyoncé Taps Kendrick Lamar For “America Has A Problem” Remix

Beyoncé recently kicked off her “Renaissance” tour. There have been plenty of headlines coming from the tour thus far. Before the tour began, fans were speculating left and right about the setlist and the show in general. However, before the first night even began, people were leaking info about it. Fans were able to see the setlist early thanks to a video of the tour book being uploaded. Now that the tour is well underway, fans finally have the full, 36-song setlist. In a hilarious moment on the tour, Beyoncé did take a moment during the concert to remind fans who is in charge.

Since the release of Beyoncé’s latest album last year, fans have been begging for some sort of visuals. Generally, visuals are a huge part of any album the iconic artist releases. So, it’s no surprise that the main question on fans’ minds has been, “Where are the visuals?” Hilariously, a segment of Beyoncé’s set provided a very direct response to this question. In the intro to “Formation,” a narrator provides a voice-over as the words are displayed on huge screens. “I know you hear me. You’ve asked for the visuals,” the disembodied voice says. “You’ve called for the queen, but a queen moves at her own pace, b*tch.” However, it seems that Beyoncé has some surprises for fans, after all. Today, she dropped a surprise remix to “America Has A Problem.”

Beyoncé fans can never really know what to expect. The iconic artist is well-known at this point for dropping things out of the blue, from videos to songs to full albums. Today’s drop is no exception, as the singer dropped a new remix of her 2022 track, “America Has A Problem.” The song now features a verse in the beginning from none other than Kendrick Lamar. The two previously worked together on Beyoncé’s Lemonade album.

Kendrick’s verse proves to be the perfect complement to the song. The rapper switches up his flow several times. He weaves syllables in and out of lines and experiments with several different tones. “I’m an honorary Beyhive / let’s see why their diamonds don’t be fly, they all CGI,” Kendrick raps. “You better get it off your chest like breast reduction / if she stressed over you, she stressed for nothin’.” What do you think of the new remix? Sound off in the comments below!

Notable Lyrics

Say B, yes, America got a problem
Geeked up, choosin’ love, or they chose violence
Universal, please don’t play possum
I’m a business man doin’ as follows

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