Abumbabeba is a project run by four guys, Emily, David, Jamal, and Tristan, who have chosen to only present through their avatars. They met in the Metaverse, where they compose music without boundaries and no one knows where they are from.

Produced by Prince of Napoli, producer name of Seb Del Vecchio (producer / mixing engineer based in London), they deliver their interpretation of the impact of virtual reality and their subsequent experiences of making music together using new technologies, demonstrating how the power of music can break down every border and be an inclusive experience. This lovely work of art by Abumbabeba was released on June 21, 2021.

“Welcome to the Metaverse”  could be described as a blend of electronic, instrumental, and dystopian soundscapes that will take the listener on the artist’s trip. The synthesis of many components in their music is an unavoidable outcome of their diverse musical background and defines their personality and work. Their style is dynamic and edgy, bordering on violence, merging synthetic sounds with symphonic instruments in a genuine trip through many emotions and sensations.

The tune is extremely peaceful, and the mood has been lightened to the point that you feel like you’re sailing. The percussion is the piece’s main instrument, while the gentle components create the ambiance. The horn shines out and is drowned out in the mix, taking turns with the other percussive instruments. “Welcome to the Metaverse” generates a magical ambiance and provides the listener a sense of peace and safety that seems nearly heavenly in certain ways.

Listen to “Welcome to the Metaverse” by Abumbabeba on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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