Big Rick Energy is the latest project of singer/songwriter Rick Eberle from New York City, comprised of lead guitarist Adam Sklar, drummer Ryan Birkbeck, and bassist Josh Forgione. On November 4th of this year, the band released “Tired Of Me,” a long-time acoustic fan favorite of Rick Eberle that they masterfully performed with a wave of crashing alt-rock goodness. The lyrics and harmonies are simply intended to make us swoon with the music.

Opening sweetly with a powerful guitar strum and mesmerizing percussion, they amazingly build the pleasant feel of the piece before Rick Eberle’s gorgeous vocals with excellent singing sets in with a truckload of ensured consistency. The percussion does an excellent job of establishing the mood for the track, while the guitars are well crafted and lend a unique effect, making it even more fascinating. It’s an impressive example of Big Rick Energy’s melodic depth.

“Tired Of Me,” when delving into its significant meaning, is a song that makes one reflect on his or her life path. The lyrics portray a predicament in which one knows that things are not going in their favor, which may lead to dissatisfaction and longing for what one desire. Looking at a tune with such depth in meaning, it deserves to be examined by multitudes since the lyrics are so relevant. The way the vocals have been mixed makes it amazing and sends out its purpose with perfection. I can’t be “Tired Of Me” when listening to such splendor.

Overall, the song’s melodies and tempo are in complete sync, creating a well-balanced ambiance that is guaranteed to please listeners with several tones of beautiful swirls and eccentric sections The composition isn’t cluttered, and the correlation is fairly evident, which is great. The ambiance is captivating throughout, and I admire how the instrumentalist exhibited their abilities.

Listen to “Tired Of Me” by Big Rick Energy on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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