Jane N’ The Jungle, from Phoenix, has returned with another powerful and epic song titled “Metal Ghost.” The band, which consists of vocalist Jordan White, guitarist Brian Dellis, and bassist Big B, debuted this powerful punch on August 19th this year. It was written on the night of Joey Jordison’s death, which was announced on July 27, last year, and it is also a tribute to their Rock N Roll and its aesthetic.

“Metal Ghost” begins with some flavorful and catchy guitar riffs backed up by synth lines. Jordan “Jane” White’s gorgeous and powerful vocals, along with the pounding rhythmic guitars, drums, and bassline that constitute the song’s percussive core, produce an irresistible groove. The song has a carefree, joyful air about it. Despite the serious and poignant lyrics, the upbeat, joyous melody quickly moves the listener and that makes it one of the greatest tunes I’ve heard in a long time.

“Metal Ghost,” with its breathtaking brightness that feels excellent on the ears, is a song about following your inspiration and falling in love with the unknown. It’s about becoming lost and refusing to be discovered. It’s a steely demeanor with an open heart. The overall vision that is formed by this music makes you want to unleash the “Metal Ghost” free in you.

“Metal Ghost” has so many amazing components to it. The simple drums are entrancing, and they’re met by brilliant rhythm guitar work, which gives the track a nice signature sound and Jane’s vocals nicely blend in with the song’s purpose. Overall, “Metal Ghost” is a phenomenal song to listen to; it is soulful and lovely music with rhythms and vitality.

Listen to “Metal Ghost” by Jane N’ The Jungle on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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