Bobby Shmurda unveils his latest single, “Get Em Back.”

In the past year and some change, fans have eagerly awaited for Bobby Shmurda to have his “moment.” The rapper was at the top of the world at the time of his incarceration, and fans expected that momentum to carry through well into his release. However, his release from Epic Records and newfound independence has him in go-mode right now.

This week, the rapper returned with his latest single “Get Em Back.” His latest single follows his collab with Funk Flex, “Hitta” and his single, “They Don’t Know.” Shmurda’s back on his bully with this one, targeting his adversaries and naysayers over menacing production.

It looks like Bobby might be preparing his first project since his release from prison.

Peep the latest from Bobby Shmurda below and sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.

Notable Lyrics
I just be wavin’ the mag’
I just put eight in his back, bitch
I just put gang on the map, bitch
I just put drinks in the bag, bitch