The Texas hip-hop collective played their penultimate show for Coachella Weekend 1.

While some acts celebrated their Coachella debut, one in particular came to say their goodbyes. Brockhampton took over the Sahara Stage to perform their penultimate show on Saturday (April 16) night before going on an “indefinite hiatus,” which they announced back in January.

Arriving on stage promptly at 8:25 p.m., the guys wore matching Adidas Originals varsity jackets stamped with “Brockhampton” patches, the brand’s trefoil and a quote on the back that read, “all good things must come to an end.” Their stage design included a giant, blue inflatable gorilla that looked to be emerging out of a mountain as it flailed to the group’s songs. Kevin Abstract, with his blue and pink hair, stood at the top of the mountain for the opener song, “Buzzcut,” while the other six MC’s (Merlyn, Matt Champion, Bearface, Joba, Dom McLennon and Jabari) worked the stage, tag-teaming on each track for their bittersweet farewell.

The Texas hip-hop collective performed a mix of their most popular songs, old and new, including “Sweet,” “Bleach” and “Sugar.” As they transitioned into “Bankroll,” Merlyn took center stage and yelled, “My name’s Merlyn and I just wanted to say I love all of y’all, but it’s not a comeback because we not coming back,” before rapping his opening verse on the song. Abstract then encouraged a mosh pit for their song “Boogie,” before Bearface slowed things down with a solo performance of “Summer” to close things out at 9:08 p.m..

After a short pause, a video of Abstract telling the guys he made an album in NYC played on the big screens, followed by “THE FINAL ALBUM 2022.”

Brockhampton just celebrated the one year anniversary of their sixth album, 2021’s Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine. Merch for the band is also available exclusively through the Coachella YouTube livestream.