Cardi B Acknowledges Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Cardi B uses her platform to bring awareness to millions of people.

Cardi B has never had an issue vocalizing her opinion on certain issues. Whether she’s giving her view on politics or standing up for women, she doesn’t bite her tongue when it comes to things she’s passionate about.

This time, the mother of two used her platform to be the voice of those who are victims of sexual assault. On Thursday, April 21, Cardi took to Twitter to remind her 22 million followers of what this month brings awareness to. She tweeted, “Before April is over, don’t forget it’s sexual assault awareness month, no means no!”

The “Bodak Yellow” artist went on to shut down victim-blaming by saying, “It doesn’t matter what you wear, it doesn’t matter who you are, male or female. For anyone going through this, the shame is not yours to carry… it’s the monsters who do this.”

In an effort to warn mothers and fathers about cruel people in society, Cardi wrote, “Also parents we can’t forget our children. There are sick people everywhere, daycare, schools, you name it.” The 29-year-old rapper reminded parents to tell their kids that no one is supposed to touch their private parts and that they should be notified if someone makes them feel uncomfortable.

Wanting her message to reach as many people as possible, the New York native took the conversation to Instagram. She posted her tweets and wrote a long, heartfelt caption. In it, she encouraged victims to speak up and tell what they’ve been through. “Women, children, and even men should never have to feel like they should be silenced or ashamed for telling their story and holding sick ass people accountable,” she wrote.


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