Carson Ferris, a 13-year-old Provo, UT-based singer-songwriter, is back with his third and newest single of the year, “Speed Limit,” just a few months after reviewing his second single of the year. This song, titled “Crazy,” is an outstanding attempt that demonstrates the young artist’s skill and perseverance to follow his aspirations in the music industry. “Crazy,” written by Carson Ferris when he was 11 years old and published today, June 16th, is an acknowledgment of his creativity and ability to channel his emotions into strong musical manifestations. Let’s delve into the details of this song below.

“Crazy” is an instant ear-pleaser, beginning infectiously with Ferris’ appealing vocals over the song’s thumping rhythmic bass sounds. It’s an incredible song! Carson Ferris’ wonderful vocal delivery infuses “Crazy” with a nice attitude. His delivery is smooth and sincere regarding the overall tone of the song, which I feel enhances the song’s atmosphere. I admired how the bass melody was delivered and how it was smoothly supported by the crunchy rock sounds. It established a firm basis for the song and carried it ahead at an exciting pace. The inclusion of rap in the song’s bridge is essential as it is Ferris’ first time doing so. It exhibits his versatility as a musician and his desire to experiment with new genres and sounds. This gives depth to the song since he delivers with enthusiasm, confidence, and perfection.

Looking further into the words, “Crazy” has a deeper meaning that goes beyond the surface of a standard love ballad. Carson Ferris’ undying enthusiasm for music and resolve to achieve against all circumstances are portrayed in this well-composed song. So, the fundamental concept of this “Crazy” centers on rejecting the expectations of society and embracing one’s inner drive. Also, it provides an example of encouragement for listeners and serves as a potent song for anybody who has been told they’re too young, not experienced, or unworthy of attaining their objectives. The honesty and genuineness of Ferris’ are evident, making sure the song resonates fervently with anybody having to deal with the constraints of adhering to cultural norms.

Overall, “Crazy” is a really outstanding song, especially given Carson Ferris’ age and the message it expresses. It’s a song that will definitely make an everlasting impact on our minds with its anthemic nature and uplifting lyrics, and the effortless charisma in his performance will be something we will cherish for a long time. In a word, “Crazy” is a testimonial to Carson’s perseverance and ability to encourage people to follow their ambitions. Carson Ferris is a powerful artist that many people may look up to as a result of this thought-provoking song. His words are rather beneficial, and his trust in himself serves as an excellent vehicle for them.

Listen to “Crazy” by Carson Ferris on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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