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Review Of Raven Shelley’s “Do You Miss Me Yet?”

Following the release of her first song, “Sink In Solitude,” Manchester-based singer Raven Shelley returned with a dazzling and beautiful acoustic track named “Do You Miss Me Yet?” for her fans on September 16th year. In her current song, she creates a wonderful soundscape with a blend of soothing acoustic tones and emotional vocals. This adds some excitement to the track.

“Do You Miss Me Yet?” is a three-minute song that begins with acoustic guitar riffs and establishes the tone before Shelly’s angelic vocals emerge and bring forth the heartfelt mood of the song. The song flows smoothly as she sings and is bolstered throughout by soothing, but interesting musicianship with her gentle vocal style that is both relaxing and compelling that makes for a great listen.

“Do You Miss Me Yet?” continues in the footsteps of Shelly’s debut song “Sink In Solitude” with the amazing literary flourishes that are devoted to everyone’s exes and with what I think, she has managed to delight her admirers who appreciate her original and unique music. She accomplishes this with a pleasant, elegant, and engaging cadence.

“Do You Miss Me Yet?” exemplifies Shelly’s songwriting ability, combining the best of Bob Dylan with Ani DiFranco. The song has a mesmerizing beat with strong emotional strength, captivating melodies and harmonies, and dynamic vocals that are a pleasure to hear. The track’s brilliant mix makes it even more attractive to the ears, while the usage of gentle instruments makes it more awesome.

Listen to “Do You Miss Me Yet?” by Raven Shelly on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thought. Cheers!

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