Carter Fox, a soulful traveling ‘space man bass man’ from Philadelphia, returns from the outer reaches of the cosmos with brand new music motivated by the question, “What does the universe sound like?” The title of this track is “Rise,” a five-minute instrumental work that shows Carter Fox’s distinct combination of African rhythms, electronic production, and smooth bass. “Rise,” which was released on March 3rd, is an excellent prelude to Carter Fox’s next EP, “Lost Signals From Outer Space.” Now, let me tell you all you need to know about “Rise.”

The song begins with hypnotic and mesmerizing elements of African rhythms and sweeps listeners into the song’s peaceful and relaxed state with a laid-back tempo and groovy beats. The ambiance is serene, and the calming sounds are natural, lending the music an ethereal feel inspired by the universe’s aura, owing to the blend of smooth bass, electronic beats, and earthly grounded African rhythms. The sound effects are extensively precise and stunning, making listeners feel as if they were there when the music was recorded.

Despite the lack of vocals, “Rise” presents a captivating tale about outer space travel and the quest for other worlds. It’s as if the listener goes along with Carter Fox on a cosmic adventure, feeling the surge of excitement and anticipation as they search the universe for indications of sentient life.

The superb production quality of this piece shines out. The mix is clean and well-balanced, with each ingredient given its due. The bassline is especially well-crafted, giving a smooth and consistent pulse that propels the tune forward. Also, the song’s movement from one section to the next is fantastic, as are the many instruments employed. Everything on this tune, is excellent, from the atmosphere to the soundscape!

Listen to “Rise” by Carter Fox on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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