Chicago’s enigmatic synthpop artist, Bd Bubble (or BB as fans affectionately know him), has graced our ears once again with a thought-provoking EP titled “Am I A Good Man” released on June 1st this year. Following the captivating “Alone” released last July, this four-track EP offering delves deep into themes of self-doubt, heartbreak, and the struggle for identity, all wrapped in a captivating blend of electronic and organic elements. Welcome back, Bad Bubble—your poignant artistry has been sorely missed.

Beginning with soothing piano notes and sweet chords, the opening track, “Dizzy Face,” sets the tone for the EP with its swirling synths and poignant lyrics. Bad Bubble’s vocal performance is mesmerizing, conveying a sense of vulnerability and introspection. The production is lush, with layers of synthesizers that create a dreamy, almost ethereal soundscape. Sounding so good and loving the way BB sings, this song’s narrative is hazy and introspective, pulling us into a state of reflective contemplation. It suggests a journey through disorientation and self-discovery.

Moving on, “Foglife” is a sad synthpop anthem painted with nice keys, laced with a sense of resignation and powerlessness. The lyrics, “Someone in North Carolina…Stopped to shade the trees…And ended up all across the network’s nightly news,” reflect a feeling of being lost and unseen within a larger, indifferent system. BB’s monotone whisper adds to the song’s haunting atmosphere, with lines like “Here I am…come kill me…” and “I’m guilty of nothing much, to be honest…” mirroring an internal conflict of resignation and pleading. The instrumentation creates a raw and personal soundscape, perfectly complementing the introspective and relatable lyrics about feeling unseen in an unforgiving world.

The third track, “Knives & Pills” is a heart-wrenching ballad that delves into the aftermath of a shattered relationship. BB’s vocals are charged with raw emotion, shifting between desperate pleas and fragile hope. Lines like “Why? Why did you do the things you did to me?” express deep pain, while “Yes… I’ll float away with you… anytime, anywhere” hints at a yearning for reconciliation. The soundscape, driven by synths and electronic elements, mirrors the character’s journey of piecing together their broken life, emphasized by the repetition of “Step by step…brick by brick.” This track beautifully balances vulnerability and melancholy, creating a vivid picture of love lost and the longing for healing.

Lastly, “Super Drip” stands out as a brooding anthem of defiance and isolation. BB’s raspy urgency in his vocal delivery captures the essence of self-reliance and rejection of external validation. The lyrics, “I needed anything apart (from you)…” and “it’s not over if you want it…you best just stay away from all of them…” showcase a refusal to be brought down, transforming taunts into a source of strength. The driving yet melancholic soundscape perfectly complements the raw emotion in BB’s vocals. “Super Drip” explores themes of self-preservation and resilience, delivered with a unique, synth-heavy sound.

Overall, Bad Bubble’s “Am I A Good Man?” EP is a masterful exploration of emotional depths, blending organic instrumentation with introspective lyrics and raw vocal performances. Each track offers a unique perspective on themes of vulnerability, resilience, and the human condition. BB’s return with this EP not only reaffirms his place in the music scene but also showcases his growth as an artist. The production quality is exceptional, with a cohesive sound that ties the four tracks together while allowing each song to shine in its own right. This is an EP that deserves to be savored, track by track, revealing new layers of depth with each listen. With this EP, it is yes to Bad Bubble’s question, “Am I A Good Man?”

Listen to the “Am I A Good Man?” EP by Bad Bubble on SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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