Living in a world often marred by despair and turmoil, Bristol’s musical luminary, Chandra, who impressed us with “Pretty” and his playful wit in “Smile (No Fox Gibbon)” last year, returns with a spirited rallying cry for positivity and change in his latest single, “I’ll Be There.” Released, March 1, “I’ll Be There” once again demonstrates Chandra’s knack for crafting catchy melodies with a message that resonates deeply with listeners and we’re thrilled to have him back on this blog. Now, let’s delve into the details of the song while I throw more light on its message of unity that’s as timely as it is danceable.

The song opens with a bang; a groovy bassline sets the stage, joined one by one by other instruments until the full band explodes onto the scene. This energetic intro perfectly complements the opening lyrics with a sentiment all too familiar: “Feel like the world’s crying every day, and every week there’s a war.” Chandra sets the tone immediately, acknowledging the negativity that bombards us constantly. But then comes the twist: “But things can change and it starts within, and that’s worth fighting for.” This line is the turning point, the spark that ignites the song’s message of hope. Chandra’s delivery is both powerful and inviting, and with the lyrics, he urges us to join him in a collective effort to make a difference.

But hey, don’t let the captivating vocals deceive you as the only beautiful thing about the song. Lyrically, “I’ll Be There” tackles a serious issue: the feeling of helplessness in the face of a world filled with problems. The lyrics, like “Coins can’t fix the mess we’ve made, cos finance is the flaw,” offer a scathing critique of materialism and its role in our struggles. However, the song ultimately offers a beacon of hope. The answer, Chandra suggests, lies not in grand gestures but in simple acts of kindness: “Lift your head, eyes wide, be a friend / Add a smile before you click ‘send.'” This I must say, is a powerful message, wrapped in a song that’s guaranteed to put smiles on our faces and a spring in our steps.

The instrumentation on “I’ll Be There” is pure pop rock and indie rock bliss. The fast pace and driving rhythm section keep the energy high, while the electric guitar adds a touch of grit that perfectly complements the hopeful chorus. There’s a beautiful call-and-response between the vocals and the guitar during the refrain, creating a powerful sense of togetherness – a feeling that’s further emphasized by the lyrics, Do-bah, do-be-do-bah. Do-be-do-bah, do-be-do, do-be-do-be. Do-bah, do-be-do-bah. Do-be-do-bah, do-be-do, do-be-do-be-doooo. One thing that stood out for me through all these, is the production on the whole track. It is crisp and clean, allowing each instrument to shine without muddying the overall soundscape.

The music video perfectly complements the song’s playful spirit. It opens with a fun, tongue-in-cheek parody of “The Brady Bunch” intro, with each band member appearing in their little square. The drummer kicks things off, followed by the bass and guitar, and finally, the star of the show, Chandra, bursts onto the scene, singing his heart out. It’s a lighthearted approach to a serious message, a reminder that even small acts of kindness can make a difference.

Overall, “I’ll Be There” is more than just a song, it’s a movement. It’s a call to arms for all of us who feel powerless in the face of a chaotic world. Chandra reminds us that change starts with us, with the way we treat each other, with a simple smile or a helping hand. With its infectious energy and uplifting message, “I’ll Be There” is a song that will stay with us long after the last note fades. So crank up the volume, sing along, and remember: We can, we can do this!

Listen to “I’ll Be There” by Chandra on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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