Chicago-based Terry Blade is a musical wizard in my opinion, as he has introduced a new style of resourceful music that blends Americana, Blues, and Roots musical elements. He is an artist whose lovely and passionate compositions will absorb into your skin, causing you to feel buoyant, as he conjures an entirely different mood with his phenomenal songs. And without a doubt, his latest single, “Won’t Be Around,” confirms my stance. “Won’t Be Around,” which was released on January 6th of this year, is music that is meant to boost the listener’s inner self and is a very unique offering from Terry Blade. keep on reading.

Starting magically with captivating acoustic notes, “Won’t Be Around” immediately charms with a modest yet splendidly solid start. Terry Blade’s sweet and passionate voice, as well as the acoustic beat, swoon about the delicacy of this piece and transport us to another realm, lending the song a celestial flavor. While the depth of it evokes a serene sentiment that lends a soothing touch also. Terry does a stellar job of stunning his audience by delivering an impressive performance as well as being an amazing producer. “Won’t Be Around” is flawlessly balanced in all aspects of creation, and the usage of lively components to create such an enveloping feel is exceptional.

Moving on to the song’s premise, “Won’t Be Around” is about doing precisely what you’re intended to do. It’s a song about being autonomous and not clinging to all that is presented to you. This empowers you to express yourself fully and forsake anything irrelevant on your path. Terry Blade’s emotive delivery of the lyrics hits the heart from the core. This, I reckon, is an excellent illustration of his musical abilities. He carries the song in an impassioned style with genuine vocal performance.

Overall, “Won’t Be Around” is a song that I believe will resonate with many listeners as well as pull crowds due to its relatable message. And with Terry’s tremendous accuracy and clarity in his composition, the musical environment is quite distinct and sounds awesome. To elaborate on the musical arrangements, it is mainly harmonically oriented on acoustic melodies that match the vocals perfectly. They all work collectively to provide a pleasant listening experience that invites us to react and bond with the song. I have no hesitation that this song will strike a deep chord with the audience.

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