Norwegian singer-songwriter Chris Wicked, known for his captivating blend of gothic rock and folk, unveils a hauntingly beautiful soundscape with his latest single, “Northern Heart” released on June 14 this year. A tapestry woven with intricate instrumentation, soulful vocals, and evocative lyrics, the song serves as a powerful testament to Chris’ artistic growth and unwavering connection to his Nordic roots.

From the start, “Northern Heart” wastes no time establishing its atmospheric presence. It opensparse, yet undeniably chilling soundscape. Imagine wispy tendrils of fog rolling across a desolate landscape, punctuated by the distant cry of a raven. This is the perfect backdrop for Chris’ entrance. His vocals, imbued with a melancholic depth, immediately draw us with the opening lines: “Hold on to the dark, ’cause it never disappoints you / The darks are always there to be wrapped around you.” These words set the tone for the entire song, embracing the darkness not as a void, but as a source of comfort and guidance. Throughout the song, Chris delivers a passionate performance. His voice, rich and emotive, soars above the instrumentation, conveying a sense of yearning and belonging

Now, the lyrics of this track are steeped in Nordic imagery and mythology. Lines like “in cold, deep forests you’re feeling strong” and “with a pack of wolves through the snow” paint a vivid picture of a harsh yet strangely alluring landscape. The repeated refrain, “Your northern heart will guide you home,” serves as the central theme of the song. It speaks to the idea of finding solace and purpose by embracing our true nature, even if it resides in the darkest corners of our souls.

One line “the darks are always there to be wrapped around you,” in particular, strikes a chord with me. This imagery speaks to the comforting embrace of darkness, a stark contrast to the usual portrayal of darkness as something to be feared. It suggests that by confronting and accepting my inner darkness, I could find strength and clarity.

As the song progresses, it builds towards a powerful crescendo. Layers of instrumentation, courtesy of Chris’ trusted collaborators Marius Mathisen and Eskil Sæter, unfold with each verse. Sæter’s masterful production weaves together melancholic piano melodies, driving percussion, and the subtle thrumming of bass, creating a soundscape that feels both expansive and deeply personal.

Overall, “Northern Heart” is a testament to Chris Wicked’s evolution as an artist, blending his dark rock roots with a more introspective, atmospheric approach. His collaboration with Sæter and Mathisen has resulted in a track that is both haunting and uplifting, a true reflection of his artistic vision. As “Northern Heart” guides us through its sonic and lyrical landscapes, it leaves an indelible mark, affirming Chris Wicked’s place as a master of evocative, soul-stirring music. It’s a masterpiece that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the pull of their ancestral roots.

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