“They Call Me Oldman” by San Diego-based ensemble JUNK made up of Dirty D and Dubl A is a powerful and thought-provoking composition that confronts ageist judgments and prejudices in the culture we live in. The music combines flawlessly with the heartfelt lyrics in their trademark Jazz Funk style, creating a captivating and dynamic sound that is both engaging and uplifting with its classical flavor. “They Call Me Oldman,” which was released on February 3rd, is truly a work of art and a testimony to the band’s instrumental skills. Let us discuss it now.

“They Call Me Oldman” begins with an appealing and contagious jazz tune and the singer’s introductive vocal, gradually building up with the addition of percussion, melodies, bass, and brass instruments to provide a unique and beautiful sound. The vocals are also outstanding, with the singer’s voice exhibiting drive and sentiment, connecting the listener with the song’s message while providing an inviting and encouraging feel to the song with his peculiar melodious flow and conveying listeners through an ethereal soundscape of uncluttered instrumentation infused with irresistible energy and groove.

Inspired by an unfavorable remark made to one of the band members about their age, this song serves as a cautionary tale that age is just a number and should never be used for assessing somebody’s abilities or worth. As a result, the lyrics of the music approach the idea of age and the erroneous beliefs that come with it. So, with this song, the band is urging listeners to look beyond stereotypes and appreciate the expertise and expertise that comes with it. With such a profound theme, there is an intimate and captivating atmosphere that is difficult to ignore. The singer’s performance is flawless, precisely capturing the feelings of the lyrics and encouraging audiences to keep going.

Overall, “They Call Me Old Man” is a well-crafted and pleasant song, with a classic saxophone touch and exquisite drums granting an original and appealing sound. The luxurious, strong baritone voice of the singer, coupled with the well-executed use of volume and harmonies, make this a genuinely pleasant track to listen to. The band has done an amazing job of producing a powerful and uplifting song that is also musically exceptional, and they earn a lot of praise for it. So, if you’re looking for a new spin on a timeless classic and some necessary inspiration, JUNK’s “They Call Me Old Man” is a must-listen.

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