Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz from Tucson, United States, have given us something unique in the lovely world of Christmas songs with their melodious song “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us.” This beautiful song, which was released on December 11, is special for its classy yet cozy feeling, luring us (the audience) into a world where love blooms over the holiday season. This collaboration is the result of a shared love for creating music that defies genre conventions. With Frank Filipo and Duncan Stitt rounding out the lineup, this gifted quartet from the southwest desert area displays the variety of musical abilities that thrive there.

A beautiful acoustic guitar melody opens the song, creating an enjoyable and engaging environment. This instrumental choice perfectly captures our feelings of love, reflecting the sweet lyrics of the song. Alison Wahl, the lead vocalist, opens with a magnificent performance. bringing warmth and passion to the song while effortlessly conveying the lyrics. She oozes an alluring depth that admirably balances the elegant yet cozy ambiance that they both aimed to create. On the other hand, Brian Berggoetz’s vocals and his fine guitar work give the song an extra meaning and a harmonic blend that perfectly embodies the spirit of Christmas. Their performance, which crafts an intimate and meaningful narrative journey, is a highlight. Their duet approach, which produced a deep and hooking experience, also took the spotlight. They had a strong chemistry that added to the song’s emotional impact.

Unlike traditional holiday tunes, “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” tackles another facet of the season. Co-writer Brian Berggoetz said that he wanted to craft a story-driven Christmas song that was different from the usual festive cheer. So, this song precisely reflects the essence of love throughout the festive season, portraying a couple that is very in love and is thinking back on the magical moments that make Christmas the ideal time for their affection for each other to mature. The song’s lyrics ponder the important subject of why it’s impossible to feel such warmth and love every day. To me, “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” seems uplifting since it breathes such positive energy and desire. This is a song that would urge us to put our differences aside and spend Christmas time bonding with the people we love. Thanks to its message, “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” is a song that will never get old, even in years to come.

The production of “Christmas Is The Best Time For Us” fits in nicely with its theme elements. Frank Filipo’s lead guitar and Duncan Stitt’s production and keyboard work give the song a more polished quality. The song is made more meaningful and subtle by the smooth transition between keys and strings, which also evokes feelings of nostalgia. The core of the song is the acoustic guitar, which gives the tune a mellow beat that enhances the storyline. This blend of sounds gives the music more energy and keeps us listening all the way through.

Overall,  Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz’s “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” is a welcome addition to the library of Christmas songs. With its professional concept, attractive vocals, graceful performance, and beautiful production, it’s an exceptional piece that pushes us to explore the deeply felt emotions of the holiday season. This Tucson duet has produced a timeless piece that will surely have a special place in the hearts of everyone looking for a deeper Christmas musical experience

Listen to “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” by Alison Wahl and Brian Berggoetz on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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