Spread, a Chicago-based musician, comes as the master of a musical revolution, guiding the ship into unknown seas in the throbbing world where hip-hop, funk, and soul combine. His newly rebranded label, Just Due Records, recalls the melodies of his childhood that were built on friendship, providing a rich environment for a musical reunion. “Target Practice” and “Slumpfunk,” the first releases under his rebranded label, are a mental freedom and a victorious return to his Midwest origins. Spread is more than simply an artist; with a résumé that recalls a hip-hop polymath’s manifesto, he is the epitome of musical ability, having worked as a top-tier MC, DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and audio engineer. “Target Practice” and “Slumpfunk” were all released on November 24.

The song “Target Practice” opens the musical journey, acting as an anthem for people who defy social norms that limit their freedom. This rap anthem is full of confidence and hits hard with its clever wordplay and unapologetic attitude. The chorus sets the mood with a defiant rejection of yes-or-no thinking, embracing life’s intricacies, and opposing binary thinking. Spread shows a mature and self-assured viewpoint in his fluent delivery of the words. Lyrically, the song fuses self-reflection with assertiveness, with lines like “I’ma do my own thang, I’m a grown mayne” expressing the importance of uniqueness and self-expression. Spread’s decision to sing over a live percussion track turns out to be brilliant and gives the song a hard, real feel. In addition, the trumpet and bass sections offer further soulful depths to the song. The result is a sonic symphony that skillfully combines funk and soul elements with hip-hop norms, going beyond them. Spread’s lyrical acrobatics are perfectly complemented by the tight production and strong flow. In general, “Target Practice” is a bold and lively song that not only displays Spread’s skill as a lyricist but also conveys a message of sincerity and independence.

Spread’s journey is fleshed out fully in the second track, “Slumpfunk,” which tells the story of his return to the Midwest from the West Coast. This is a funky hip-hop classic that skillfully combines a fluid flow with swagger. Spread takes us on a journey from the Bay to the Chi, lively and electrifying with an unstoppable magnetic charisma. Spread’s artistic skill is on full display in the lyrics, which mix a keen sense of humor with carefree confidence. A layer of catchiness is added by the chorus, which attracts us to join the funk-filled journey. The production is excellent, including an interesting instrumentation that smoothly mixes bass and treble to create an engaging sound palette. Spread’s delivery is both fun and commanding, and his vocals wonderfully complement the upbeat vibe. Spread’s ability to produce top-notch beats and lyrics is demonstrated by “Slumpfunk,” which offers a surreal and cosmic experience that is sure to make an impact. It’s a celebration of individuality and a bold declaration of independence in hip-hop.

Overall, “Target Practice” and “Slumpfunk” are lovely tracks that serve as an overview of Spread’s approach to music. Just Due Records ushers in a new era where genre boundaries break down and quality is key. Spread’s ability to effortlessly combine hip-hop, funk, and soul is not only evidence of his talent but also a sign that more revolutionary releases are on the way. Board the Just Due Records train now, and let the grooves lead your earholes to euphoria. You won’t want to miss this sonic revolution.

Listen to “Target Practice” and “Slumfunk” by Spread on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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