The irony is that his voice is warm despite the term “Cold Shoulder.”

Juliander is a Swedish singer-songwriter and record producer based in Stockholm. He creates music that combines a strong and passionate voice with personal lyrics and lovely melodies and conveys his songs with stories. Juliander has returned with his third song for 2022, named ‘Cold Shoulder,’ after releasing his initial single in 2017. Juliander is also responsible for the creation of ‘Cold Shoulder,’ which was released on May 6th.

Juliander makes music that integrates his aesthetic and draws inspiration from musicians like The 1975, Bon Iver, Ye, The Weeknd, and Tyler, The Creator.

‘Cold Shoulder’ is a loud and forceful energetic song with a lot of current influences and a gentler tone. It gives a more mellow twang to the song with a more vintage synth and gentler feel to its organic instrumentation, selling the peaceful and strong love mood of the song. Also, ‘Cold Shoulder’ is a song with powerful words and a melancholy tune that moves you.

‘Cold Shoulder’ presents a narrative of purposeful unfriendliness with brilliance and how engrossing it is, as well as Juliander’s warm voice so pleasant to hear. Juliander narrates the story of a girl he believes likes him but is attempting to prove otherwise, yet he is already into her. Juliander does not anticipate anything from the girl, whether she likes him back or not, but does not expect anything like a ‘Cold Shoulder’ because he already feels controlled by how the lady glances at him.

The track is high-energy atmospheric and synth-heavy music. The synthesizers and rhythms are both quite enjoyable and play a percussive role in the composition.

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