Guitarist, singer, and bassist Clayton Brown hails from Granbury and draws inspiration from classic punk bands like Sum 41 and Blink 182. Clayton has established himself as a fantastic musician in the Granbury music scene and has accomplished so much for himself and never stops enthralling his listeners with lovely melodies. He has a unique penchant for fascinating music production techniques. He released his debut EP, “Open Your Mind,” on September 23 of last year and it’s a five-track EP that focuses on several different chapters in his life. As described by Clayton Brown himself, “Open Your Mind” EP is a Pop-Punk album that seeks to fuse the classic Punk Rock feel with Metal influences to display a broader spectrum of energetic sound while still remaining accessible to the average listener. Now stay calm, as I delve deeper into each song on the EP.

With an explosive intensity that perfectly encapsulates pop-punk, “Too Good For My Own Good” opens the EP. Guitar lines combined with the drums are appealing and keep you engaged while the tones induce a mesmerizing trance that envelops the listener. Clayton’s reflective songwriting approach, which dives deeply into his experiences and emotions, is perfectly introduced in this song. His lyrics explore the concept of self-sabotage, and his vocal delivery is excellent for the tune. The song builds on the drums’ hypnotic pattern to keep the beat upbeat and catchy while still providing a solid foundation.

The EP’s second track, “Pressure,” maintains the tempo while demonstrating Clayton’s talent for superb songwriting. This song examines the idea of feeling imprisoned and overburdened by society’s demands and expectations. I immediately went on a captivating adventure after pressing the play button, one that I won’t soon forget. The ferocious drumming and the powerful guitar riffs take this song to the next level, and they are clear examples of the combination of punk rock and metal influences. They all contributed to the appealing ambiance of the song. Conversely, Clayton’s vocal performance is superb and perfectly complements the tone of the song.

Clayton adopts a more contemplative track with “Goddess,” which appears to be the third single, exploring the complexity of relationships and personal integrity. In this song, he remembers a time when he had the option of cheating on his beloved but decided to remain faithful instead, telling a tale of temptation and loyalty. The lyrics are concise and give us a sense of Clayton’s ethical values. In terms of the arrangement, the song is primarily a well-produced punk-rock and metal tune. The throbbing guitar lines that resonate throughout the song offer a lot of interesting complexity and keep us interested until the very end. His vocal delivery is outstanding from start to finish, and his modifications are seamless and imperceptible.

The fourth song, “Step Away,” picks up the tempo again after a mellow start to make room for an introspective piece. It has a contagious, upbeat vibe that is highlighted by an anthemic chorus and memorable guitar riffs. This song’s lyrics are about finding oneself, developing personally, and escaping constrictive situations. The message that Clayton is attempting to convey emerges in an astonishing way because of its incredible musicianship. It has a sense of inherent originality and is unquestionably a wonderful treasure in my playlist.

“Been Down,” the EP’s last track, takes listeners on a thrilling trip through Clayton’s prior difficulties and the perseverance that enabled him to survive. The song vividly depicts Clayton’s struggles and hardships, including a period of time when he was so poor that he had to scrounge for spare cash simply to buy food. The lyrics, which demonstrate Clayton’s talent for incorporating personal experiences into his song, are moving and relatable. And when I began listening, I thought I had never heard a song quite like this one. The beats are really lively and fresh, with depth and richness that give the song its own identity. It has a very intriguing affair.

Overall, “Open Your Mind” EP, offers a variety of energizing and emotionally charged tunes with throbbing and rhythmic sounds that are sure to get listeners moving. It is an expert fusion of pop-punk and metal elements. It has a fantastic voice, lyrics, and instrumentation and is completely captivating. Each song that Clayton Brown sang was incredible, and he did it with such fervor and emotion that it gave the album depth. The songs were expertly made, and I like how each track’s instrumentation progressed. The EP is just great, and fans of genuine music should certainly give it a listen.

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