Cordae’s latest music video is for “C Carter” off of “From A Birds Eye View.”

Cordae is one of the best young artists out right now. The artist has shown that he is incredibly versatile in his songwriting, and he has bars for days. In fact, some would argue that Cordae is the best rapper in terms of lyrics when it comes to the new generation. While most new artists have focused themselves on melodies and 808s, Cordae has turned his attention to crafting stories through his exceptionally crafted verses. His album From A Birds Eye View is an example of this, especially the song “C Carter.”

With this music video, Cordae takes us through various locations. From the barbershop chair to the streets to the bowling alley, Cordae is looking to give us some insight into the places where he may have spent his adolescence. In his lyrics, Cordae speaks about dreaming for better things while watching “Coach Carter.” It is a poignant look into how Cordae was able to achieve his dreams through a very impressive come-up. In some ways, you could even look at this video as a victory lap of sorts.

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