Desperate Electric’s jointed vocal lines and harmonies are one of the hallmarks of their sound, which is unlike anything else. They were formed by Ben Morris and Kayti Korte, both musicians and vocalists. The artist pair is from Butte, Montana, in the United States. They define their music as a fusion of rock, soul, electronic, and r&b elements and released their song “Stop Making Noise” in the middle of May this year.


“Stop Making Noise” is a journey as described by the artist. Desperate Electric enjoys a wide range of music, so when writing this song, the writer wanted it to try to encompass all of their influences, so it includes jazzy, lush vocal layers, crazy chord progressions, and fun, funky riffs, as well as equal parts pop, funk, soul, with bits of rock and whatever else you can imagine. The new track, which follows up on the more R’n’B-leaning masterpiece ‘Karaoke,’ substantially increases the speed.Desperate Electric Talks About Their Music Journey And Latest Single "Stop  Making Noise" | Music Arena GhAccording to the pair, the song’s lyrics tackle unashamed women, recovering authority, and discovering who you are. Furthermore, “Stop Making Noise” is actually about anybody in your life who is making you doubt yourself, taking up extra mental space, and causing turmoil in your life in their well-received single.

The insertion of wonderful sounds underlying the soft Piano chords, which perfectly compliment the melody, has me hooked. Each pattern merges into another with such smoothness and consistency that the color blocking has a powerful impact on us. The auditory design offers the music an information criterion, permitting you to visualize what the singer says.

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Notable Lyrics

All I do is my laundry
And clean up the messes you made
From the dumb shit you did and I’m sure
I’m sure
I can’t do it anymore
All I hear are the voices telling me
To give in and do one thing
And I’m so annoyed
Please stop making noise