As you ‘press play’ and step into the enticing world of Amanda Holley as she dominates the spotlight with her single, this b-racial musical prodigy is armed with a 5-octave vocal range. In addition to being a singer and songwriter, she has been a self-taught maestro on the piano and violin since she was just two years old. Before she ever reached maturity, her musical career touched famous platforms, from the glitzy stages of Fashion Week in New York and Los Angeles to the hallowed halls of Carnegie Hall. Columbia Press also recognized her artistic skills. On November 17, she released “Press Play,” a lively display of musical harmony that combines vocal competency with a meticulously produced soundtrack. “Press play” and discover what this music is all about.

“Press Play” asks us to give in to the universal language of love and soul from the first note of its catchy start. As the opening lines hint in an alluring way, “Can ya feel me? Cuz tonight I’m gonna give it all away to you, babe.” With these words, Holley invites us to come along on a surreal journey with her and sets the stage for a musical getaway that has no bounds. Her mighty, impassioned voice comfortably flows over the production as it takes us on a journey of love and separation, creating an appealing and riveting sound. Also, the song gains emotional depth from the longing and affectionate nature of her singing. Another impressive aspect of the song is her performance; she dominated the stage like a moonlight queen, each movement a graceful dance that wove the lyrics into a visual shade. The lyrics were not just sung; they were like whispered secrets that she intimately shared with each listener, creating an attachment that would never break down.

At its heart, the theme of “Press Play” revolves around using music to transport listeners to a place of love and soul. It’s a call to let go of your worries, travel back in time, and follow the lead of the music. The catchy chorus, “Press play, play, play,” has an addicting repetition that serves as an affirmation for accepting the present moment, letting go of worries, and giving in to the melody’s appealing beauty. This gives off a confident, sassy vibe that makes us want to join in on the dancing. However, the plea to “fall so deep in love” and the imagery of city lights give the narrative a romantic and lavish flavor. With excellent storytelling, Amanda Holley tells the story of ditching the ordinary and turning up the volume on love. The pre-chorus amplifies the feelings by describing the delight of that magical moment when a favorite song comes on the radio and worries melt away as hands around the waist.

Production-wise, “Press Play” is a gem of collaboration with XXL Freshman Class Producer Korey Laws (OHKAYLAWS) and Grammy-nominated vocal producer Michael Prochilo (Richroyce), infusing pop synths, moody chords, and rhythmic components over a trap beat. The outcome is a musical quilt that draws listeners to the dance floor and enhances Holley’s original, romantic performance. I notably loved the vibe, which is pleasant and cozy enough for us to feel the emotions. The arrangement also expertly employs the vocal texture, which leaves us thinking about the song’s tone long after it has ended. I am confident that the mood and atmosphere created by the music will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Ending with an electrifying outro, as Amanda Holley sings, “Cuz tonight I’m gonna to give it all away to you, babe,” there’s an unrelenting feeling of intimacy and glee that leaves us needing more. The beautiful production, infectious energy, and vocal skills of Holley elevate this anthem above other songs in the contemporary music scene. As a platform, we at Songweb feel thankful to feature Amanda Holley, an artist whose charisma and seductive personality have left a lasting impression on music lovers all around the world. “Press Play” and let Amanda Holley lure you into a world where music, soul, and love combine to create an awesome melody.

Listen to “Press Play” by Amanda Holley on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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