JOSHUA, an artist who isn’t scared to delve into the depths of hard feelings, emerges against the sun-kissed backdrop of Mandurah, Australia. The songwriter, who was once an art teacher, expertly combines honest songwriting with a gripping dark pop sound, as seen in his recent single, “Love Me.” Released on December 17, JOSHUA’s “Love Me” stands as proof of his skill at fusing mesmerizing dark pop music with thoughtful lyrics. Let’s dive into this song together, as you have what it takes to ‘love me.’

This love song’s catchy start envelops us, just like the moon’s comforting shine does when it fills the night sky. Yet, the opening lyrics, “Tell me how you’re feeling / ‘Cause I’m no good at reading minds/ And there’s a lot on mine,” strike an instant connection with us (the audience), and set the groundwork for a lyrical exploration of varied feelings. The lyrics provide a look into JOSHUA’s mind as his verses reveal his true, pure emotions over a lovely, absorbing tune. With an interesting candor, JOSHUA’s vocals elegantly sail the emotional landscape. His voice takes on the role of a conduit, bringing the lyrics to life and giving us an intimate space to fully lose ourselves in the song’s deep story. His delivery has an honest quality that bears witness to his evolution from an art teacher to a self-taught musician, highlighting the parallels in life.

In “Love Me,” JOSHUA’s query, “Do you have what it takes to love me?” rings long after the song’s last notes have ended. This is the thematic study of love brought to life. The chorus turns into a riveting mantra that recalls the hardships and diversity of love. It’s a declaration that loving him takes bravery and commitment, as well as a plea veiled in a warning. It’s an enticing auditory adventure because of the catchy hooks and superb sound manipulation. Lines like “I’d do whatever it takes to keep you in my arms and make you stay” from the pre-chorus give the story an extra dose of zeal. Joshua is prepared to go to great lengths for love, which fosters a sense of urgency that intensifies as the song unfolds.

Now, the production of “Love Me” adds to its appeal and shows JOSHUA’s self-taught skill in music production. Drawing influence from notable artists like Lorde, Banks, and Flume, he has smoothly crafted a musical setting that reflects the opposites of life’s encounters. The song’s thundering rhythms, dark, gritty basslines, and crystalline synthesizers all work together to create an intriguing atmosphere. He has created a sound that is lovely and inviting. With every listen, the catchy and charming song entices us to uncover new elements. Also, “Love Me” has a polished and well-balanced sound thanks to the excellent mixing.

Overall, “Love Me” is a genuinely entrancing and wonderful song that begs us to look into the human experience—where pure passion meets superb production. It is evidence of his growth from a music-loving art teacher to a self-taught artist with a unique style and story. This is the kind of music to put on repeat, lose yourself in its unique soundscape, and dive deep into the intricate details of the heart.

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