The judge comically used one of his infamous lyrics to dismiss Drizzy from the case but Brown is still a defendant.

Last October, Drake and Chris Brown found themselves being sued by songwriters, Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine—who go by the pseudonyms, Mr. Cooper and Drum’n Skillz—for copyright infringement over their 2019 collaboration, “No Guidance.” However, Drake is officially in the clear.

Court documents have surfaced that read, “It is hereby ordered and adjudged that defendant Aubrey Drake Graham a/k/a Drake is dismissed with prejudice and without costs or attorneys’ fees as against any party.” The judge presiding over the case threw in some lighthearted humor as well, adding, “In dismissing this case, the Court notes that Mr. Graham started from the bottom—being named as a defendant—now we’re here—a dismissal with prejudice.”

As of Wednesday (April 27), Brown is listed as sole defendant in the lawsuit.

Cooper and Valentine claim Graham and Brown ripped off their song, “I Love Your Dress,” which was released three years prior to the Grammy-nominated record.

The pair further alleged that their song was used as inspiration or copied directly based on beat, lyrics, hook, and rhythmic structure. Brown’s legal representation refuted a month later in a court filing. “This is not a close call. Posting a song on the Internet—such that the song is 1 out of 82 million songs on Spotify or posted by one of Instagram’s 1 billion users—and a one-time public performance do not constitute widespread dissemination as a matter of law,” they wrote.

A March court filing requested for the entire case to be dismissed “in its entirety with prejudice.”