Drake ties the knot in his latest music video for “Falling Back.”

It hasn’t even been less than a year and Drake returned this week with the release of Honestly, Nevermind. The seventh studio album from Drake is a departure from his previous efforts, diving deeper into the electronic sound with minimal rapping efforts. Though there’s already a polarizing reception, Drake will likely still have the summer on lock.

Upon the album’s release, the rapper delivered a new set of visuals for the single, “Falling Back.” With Director X holding it down, Drake invites fans into a milestone event — his wedding. However, he’s marrying a roster of 23 women. The video takes fans from Tristan Thompson’s pep talk with Drizzy to the rapper trading vows with his spouse(s) and straight to the reception where a dreadful wedding singer delivers a rendition of “Best I Ever Had.”

Check out the music video for Drake’s “Falling Back” below.