Israeli-based Dylan Tauber is a visionary electronic musician, cyber artist, photographer, and author who has been a master of his field for almost two and a half decades. Tauber released “I Am Alive,” a 12-track album on February 22nd that demonstrates his proficiency in electronic music, trance, chill out, and world music, with his excellent musical abilities and complexities that set him apart from other EDM producers. Each track on the album has a distinct tone and mood that attracts imagination and attention as a blend of instrumental tracks and songs with lyrics. Let’s talk about them now.

The album begins with “Love and You Will Live,” a song performed by Ukrainian male vocalist Vlad. This song has a rich combination of electronic instruments and powerful kicks, as well as a steady peace that adds to its intrigue. Vlad’s vocals are stunningly lovely, adding depth to the music while still conveying a positive message about the power of love. Vlad’s musicianship and singing shine through in the tune, making it a personal highlight and an excellent opening. “Spirit Guide,” the second track, is a haunting and intriguing melody with a captivating and seductive vocal delivery and all the elements of a delightful song. The trance and electronic-like instrumentals generate a sense of amazement and wonder, with an enigmatic and therapeutic mood.

The title track, “I Am Alive,” appears as the third track and begins with magical feminine wails that are seductive. I was blown away by the vibe that the song can generate with such lovely production that matches the production and vocal effects so perfectly. It is captivating and blends wonderfully with the music, which had me dumbfounded as I listened to this fascinating piece of art. It truly made me feel alive! “Reflection,” the fourth track on the album, is a brilliantly created instrumental composition that is a great blend of trap and electronic music. With its fluid ambient soundscapes and relaxing beats, it offers a mesmerizing and dreamy atmosphere. The utilization of electronic noises complements the track’s colorful trap patterns perfectly. Everything on the track is smooth, making it ideal for meditation and unwinding.

Dreaming,” the fifth track, is dreamy and ethereal music with a blend of soundscapes and electronic beats that generates a sense of nostalgia and longing, with irresistible beats that create a sense of wistful thought. The beats slam powerfully, while the accompanying voices transport listeners to many parts of the world. “Whales,” the album’s sixth tune, blends electronic beats with melodic sounds and lyrics that explore the relationship between nature and the human spirit. The singer performs an excellent job with her luxurious voice, which is just captivating. Additionally, the mix of aggressive kicks and glistening arpeggios results in a dynamic soundscape that is both intense and evocative.

The seventh track on the album, “She’s a Dancer,” begins on a tense note that conveys a sense of anticipation for what’s to come. It’s an exciting and vibrant piece with captivating beats and melodies. The lyrics of the song convey the narrative of a dancer with lively and compelling vocals. As the song grew, it was replete with brilliantly designed pieces that maintained Dylan Tauber’s unique skills, which was entirely thrilling. The eighth track, “Rebirth,” is a hauntingly lovely instrumental composition with a delicate melody and otherworldly soundscapes. With its melancholy melody and evocative composition, the song has a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere.

Similarly to the previous track, “Warm” which is the ninth track, is ambient music with ethereal sounds and a relaxing mood. This song gives the listener a sense of warmth and comfort, with a hint of delicate beauty and peace. The tenth tune, “Carmen,” is similar to the “Warm,” with ethereal sounds and a calm mood that will certainly offer listeners a serene mood when listening. What distinguishes this from “Warm” is the incorporation of gorgeous piano melodies with the gentle kick and snare that play in tandem with the tune.

Love You Forever,” the final but one song, is sweet and romantic music with lyrics that reflect the depth of the singer’s love for their significant other. The vocals are a different story, as they envelop us in their beauty with a mesmerizing melody, making it an ideal option for a romantic occasion. Finally, the album concludes with “Spirit Guides (Remix),” which is a remix of the previous tune “Spirit Guides.” It has a more cheerful and dynamic tempo this time, with a sense of celebration and excitement. The composition is certainly at its best, and that is what truly distinguishes it. The lyrics are relaxing and uncomplicated, yet the performer sings with such flair that the song transcends reality. It gives the song dynamism, and all of its aspects are in perfect tune with one another.

Overall, “I Am Alive” is a diversified and dynamic album that highlights Dylan Tauber’s abilities as an electronic artist and thoroughly captivated us with its sound splendor. The album truly generates a lovely atmosphere, and we may gradually become immersed in its musical and amazing feel. The productions are flawless, and it’s an excellent pick to listen to. As a result, I would suggest this album to anyone who like electronic, ambient, or world music.

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