Leif Riggs is a rap hip-hop musician from Encinitas, California, who has been blowing up in recent years and has been able to keep up with the momentum with several projects and fantastic tunes. Leif Riggs is a musician with a particular sound, as well as remarkable vitality and style. “Phantom” is a dramatic and thrilling fight rap song, which he released on the 26th of February after going back into music after a sabbatical, and produced by InsaneBeatz. Let me tell you more about it since you’re already wagging your head.

The tune begins with an appealing beat, then Riggs begins his flawless flow at 10 seconds in. He delivers his lyrics beautifully with a clear, confident tone, ensuring that his message is not lost in the trap with a tinge of aggression that makes the song all the more striking. Because of his sharp and honest verses, which are steeped with emotion and have a passionate lyrical flow. He never skips a beat and rides it smoothly with great wordplay that makes the song a delight to listen to. “Phantom” is a high-quality production, with InsaneBeatz’s outstanding production elevating Riggs’ performance. The tempo is swift and catchy, with a fascinating tune that complements the rapper’s flow.  The incorporation of solid bass lines alongside nuances and intriguing melodies provides depth to the music, giving it an enjoyable and stimulating listening experience.

In terms of relevance, “Phantom” exemplifies the notion of tenacity in Riggs’ lyrics, in which he raps about overcoming obstacles and rising over hardship. The words are strong, and the message is conveyed with conviction that is both inspiring and encouraging. “Phantom” is the type of music that can be loved, treasured, and appreciated, with a topic that may relate to anybody who has suffered hardships in life.

Overall, “Phantom” is strong music that deserves to be recognized for its superb production, engrossing flow, and inspirational concept. Leif Riggs’ vocals are extremely clear and sound wonderful, with exquisite rhymes intended to have the most effect. The instrumental is fantastic, and it has confident musical aspects that have a significant impact. Anyone who likes hip-hop will undoubtedly enjoy this song. Give this one a spin, and trust me, you’ll be clamoring for more from Leif Riggs in no time.

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