Mr. Bewlay Has Created A Distinct Presence That Exudes Charm And Unbridled Artistic Brilliance With His New Single. 

With his latest track “Live, Laugh, Love,” Cardiff’s Mr. Bewlay delivers us a piercing taste of indie. Mr. Bewlay’s latest song “Live, Laugh, Love” is finely crafted and lovely music blended with fiercely hopeful and bold lyrical. The song has an overwhelming melody that compliments the slogan “Live, Laugh, Love”. It’s one we should all remember since it’s better not to take life too seriously.

Mr. Bewlay expertly constructs an instrumental that sounds utterly magnificent as the song pulls you from the first notes and combines with soothing piano notes. Mr. Bewlay’s vocals on “Live, Laugh, Love” is unadulterated and real, sounding pure and true musically.

Mr. Bewlay’s lyrics both hit the heart and motivate the audience by boldly standing on his own and unwaveringly expressing his tale via a playful, tongue-in-cheek joke motive behind the song. As he remains real and extremely sensitive, his uncensored and compassionate vocal style just adds to the intensity and energy he symbolizes in “Live, Laugh, Love.” Listening to this tune, it’s clear to notice how Mr. Bewlay is a brilliant musician. The lyrics evolved from his sarcastic goal to become more of a bystander to the ridiculousness of it all.

Mr. Bewlay enlisted the enormously renowned Laurence Collier to deliver an iconic trumpet solo throughout the brief yet charming tune. The song leaves the audience wanting more while still being content and spending just an enjoyable time.

“Live, Laugh, Love” is a single that is guaranteed to appeal to those looking for an indie-pop track that addresses a groovy theme with gorgeous vocals and graceful melodies. Mr. Bewlay released “Live, Laugh, Love” on May 20, 2022, and it was recorded at King’s Road Studios in July 2021 with producer Sanders.

Listen to “Live, Laugh, Love” by Mr. Bewlay on his Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!