With four albums now under his belt, Atlanta-based artist Eli Ladon is a rap and hip-hop artist whose music tends to pave the way for people to go a little deeper with tracks that spark emotions. While his music continues to be great, Eli’s constant excitement for meaningful music is evident in his latest “10 Milligrams,” released on November 3rd. And believe me, this is excellent music for motivation. So, if you’ve been waiting for some fresh Eli Ladon flame, this is it!

Beginning with some great intensity and infectious melodies, Eli Ladon’s current offering’s strain of thrilling production is mesmerizing, and his vocals help bring it all together. “10 Milligrams” is precisely constructed to immerse listeners in a depth experience, and his vocals are expertly crafted to complement the music, making it compelling and irresistible. Eli’s smooth lyricism floods the song with the unchanging flow, while his low tonalities saturate the song with elegance and flair. The melodies are also a delightful extension that charms us with sweetness and purity. “10 Milligrams” is a wonderfully absorbing and engaging experience.

“10 Milligrams” is a tremendously mindful track, with a mesmerizing pace and engaging poetry. The song’s lyrics are based on a story of Eli Ladon’s trials and struggles as he offers thoughtful and sensitive flows about pushing himself out of his despair. Below is what Eli has to say about “10 Milligrams.”

These are dark times and I wrote this about the crutches people use. I often find myself dependent on the wrong things. Pulling myself out of dark places has become the norm for me. I won’t let it destroy me. Music always pull me through. Enjoy the vibes

Overall, the vocals are undoubtedly the centerpiece of the song, pouring with an unmistakable sincerity and sweetness, while the¬†melodies are strong and effectively blended in, complimenting the wonderfully crafted beat. Eli Ladon’s performance is lovely throughout, and he makes “10 Milligrams” a song to which we can easily bounce our heads.

Listen to “10 Milligrams” by Eli Ladon on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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