It’s been a minute since we heard from Eric Cohen of Kansas City. Previously, he released “God Gave Me You,” a song in which he expressed thankfulness to God for providing him with a lovely wife. With exceptional old-school lyricism making him one of the promising talents that never disappoints, Eric returned on November 4th with “A.M.E.N,” a Christian rap song that blends old and modern design influences.

Opening with a typical hip-hop garnish of bebop keys and an appealing and emotional boom-bap production, “A.M.E.N.” is a deliberate approach that would captivate any real rap enthusiast. The way the track is presented is quite satisfying to listen to. Eric’s angelic voice and the song’s atmosphere are captivating and making it addictive and distinctive with the right amount of energy. “A.M.E.N.” is a narrative rap that will keep you entertained throughout. Thanks to the beautiful lyrics and heart-melting flows that make the song simple to understand.

With its superb production and outstanding lyricism, “A.M.E.N.” is a compelling and must-listen gospel rap song. As the well-constructed lyrics are a homage to God and his goodness, it is fantastic music to help you ponder carefully about how trustworthy God has been as the flawlessly crafted lyrics are a dedication to God and his glory. The lyrics are quite philosophical, focused mostly on the need to express gratitude to God.

Overall, the song is captivating and may easily have your head spinning with Eric’s creative lines that attract our imaginations. The production is impressive, and the instrumentation stands out as it masterfully synchronizes to elicit an unquestionable feeling of contentment. The same may be said regarding Eric’s vocal delivery. “A.M.E.N.” feels just like the gospel rap music of¬†tomorrow.

Listen to “A.M.E.N” by Eric Cohen on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Got me walking in your freedom
As you cast my sin
Got me walking in your freedom
As you call my name again

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