Erick Castrillon is a Los Angeles-based artist, songwriter, and director who has just released his new single titled, “The Great Awakening.” Released on November 30, “The Great Awakening” is Castrillon’s fourth installment in his series on the new era of technology that stands as a testament to his dedication and passion for music, especially during the recent writers’ strike that prompted him to the depth of his musical abilities. Wondering how the idea for the song came about? Well, it emerges from Erick’s screenwriting and directing. Let me tell you more about the song below.

Right from the start of this spectacular song, about a few seconds into its inception, the amazing vocals of Erick Castrillon establish themselves and are appealing to the ears.  They are excellent in and of themselves, effectively controlling the song’s narrative as it emulates the deep concept of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming self-aware. This points out Erick’s skill at creating something unusual and strengthens his commitment to evolution. With creative lyrics and a delightful vibe all through the song, it depicts a conversation between a man and a machine. This sends us on a phenomenal perceptual journey with wonderful imagery. About the performance, Erick was excellent and truly enhanced our understanding of the song.

Moving on to the core of “Great Awakening,” it is Castrillon’s inquiry of the singularity—the moment when artificial intelligence acquires self-awareness.” With clear observation, he tackles the implications of generative AI and how it might significantly alter our lives. These thoughts find a voice in the song, which prompts us to consider the fuzziness of the distinction between humans and machines as well as the certainty of a life-changing event that will alter our course.

But, let me tell you something you’ve not come across yet about the “The Great Awakening.” It is Erick’s creative approach to production and instrumentation that makes it stand out.  He expertly implied the technological landscape he explores using pop melodies, synthesizers, world instruments, techno beats, and experimental sounds. The drums hold their ground in the mix and give the vocals the room they need to settle. This production was well-considered and produced a sound that is solely Erick’s. He will break barriers with it.

All in all, I think we can legitimately refer to “The Great Awakening” as a revelation. It’s an excellent song in which Erick skillfully carries the energy of the modern technology age with his passionate voice, inventive production, and thought-provoking lyrics. This song provides a deep look at the growing connection between artificial intelligence and humans as the singularity draws near. Not only does “The Great Awakening” confirm Castrillon’s credibility as a forward-thinking artist who masterfully examines the relationship between art and technology, but it also makes him an artist to watch.

Listen to “The Great Awakening” by Erick Castrillon on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.


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