Fionn, who goes by the stage name Filmm, is from Bristol in the United Kingdom and has made a reputation for himself in the local music scene. Filmm makes songs about sorrow with infectious toplines. On October 12, he released “Make Believe Penitentiary,” a baffling new track that will get his listeners astonished. Filmm’s song is nearly four minutes long and has outstanding production, delivery, and brilliant lyrics.

“Make Believe Penitentiary” begins with a beautiful synth melody and is followed by a spectacular wall of vocal harmonies and ear-appealing melodies that make it seem contemporary, creative, and irresistible. The songwriting is excellent, and it maintains our attention throughout. Nevertheless, Filmm’s and female background vocals are delivered fairly spectacularly and captivate a great deal. Filmm uses his artistry and sweet lyrics to make the listener feel just amazing by using basic beats and attractive backdrop melodies.

Filmm defines “Make Believe Penitentiary” as a song about feeling trapped inside your head and yearning to be set free. The lyrics are uplifting, and they will keep us in a good mood. The songwriting also flawlessly portrays the theme so straightforwardly that audiences will find it effortless to comprehend. With this song, Fionn demonstrates his musicianship and songwriting abilities while remaining accessible to his audience, while the song’s significant structure and lavish production make it a Shakespearean aural treat.

The guitar solos were very exciting to me, and they are one feature of the arrangement that contributes to the song’s impression of eagerness and passion. Along with the pleasant bass played by Mark Neary, Mat Hector’s drumming hits and mixes in well with the ambient, contributing to the song’s overall appeal. Overall, Filmm’s superb vocal melody and execution have elevated “Make Believe Penitentiary.” He has made a significant effect with this song, as his inspirations span from Iggy Pop to Nabes to Halsey and many more.

Listen to “Make Believe Penitentiary” by Filmm on Spotify or SoundCloud, watch the video with the link above and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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