Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi is a Monsey-based musician that makes great music to our liking, performing under the influences of Classic rock & roll. Gedalya began his musical career at the age of 17 and has since presented himself in a unique style with songs that distinguish him. With songs on faith, struggles, and progress, he has a catalog of EPs and singles that display his exceptional songwriting. On October 18th, he added “The Thunder,” a song with a strong message, to his catalog. Let us go through it in depth.

It begins infectiously with Gedalya’s excellent vocals, which make the song engaging right away, and is complemented by lovely piano chords with fascinating tones. With its colorful flavor, the intro is splendid and groovy. “The Thunder” is one of those songs that has a lovely, emotional melody with an edge to give it impact. It has a fantastic tone that is both trendy and classic. The 80s rock-style guitar lead that runs through the tune adds the key materials to make you feel rejuvenated while you listen.

Because of the way Gedalya’s captivated vocals flow with the exquisite ambiance, the song sounds both fresh and sentimental. At its heart, “The Thunder” is an anthem. Its subject is fear and bravery. However, Gedalya distinguishes between the two in this work. He says, He says, “Bravery is when we act despite our fear. We’re all afraid of something, and that’s actually a good thing! Fear can keep you from danger, and fear can straighten out your life when it’s headed in the wrong direction.” The lyrics also discuss how vulnerable some of us are and so, we should treat those amidst us with compassion.

“The Thunder,” produced by Craig Levy, is a three-and-a-half-minute-and-37-second song with a dreamy yet grounded vibe. Geldalya’s performance is excellent, and the way his vocals are portrayed is truly remarkable. “The Thunder” has a firm hold on us while also sounding quite enticing. Finally, it concludes with the sound of lightning thunder before fading away, making for a pleasing overall experience.

Listen to “The Thunder” by Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
One day if you’re shaken, you’ll begin to see when you’re reminded that you’re delicate and weak
The voice from one who has the fear will start to speak
Did you ever wonder… what’s the purpose of the thunder?

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