Harlow’s Monkey, the sensational solo project of singer/songwriter and producer Tommy P based in San Francisco, has released their latest project, “When The World for Humans End,” a seven-track brilliant and insightful EP that explores the devastating impact of late-stage capitalism on urban environments. This EP is a deeply personal and political declaration that speaks to the disappointment and hopelessness that so many people feel in our current socioeconomic climate. Therefore, each song on this EP provides a distinct viewpoint on how capitalism has failed to deliver on its promises of development and wealth. “When The World for Humans End,” released on March 1st of this year, is an EP with a variety of intriguing deep subject tracks charmed by passionate tunes and entrancing performances. Let’s get started!

Opening with the lead track “The Body Keeps Score,” which is more of a spoken word and starts beautifully with intriguing piano melodies, the audience is instantly drawn into the band’s ardent and personal examination of how capitalism has failed to maintain its purported ideals. The words are a potent indictment of a system that prioritizes business over people, and the solemn tunes provide a suitable soundtrack to the bleak reality that so many confront. This is an emotional and potent reflection on how capitalism commodifies our bodies and feelings, leaving us estranged and demeaned.

The second track, “You Don’t Have to Change If You Don’t Want To,” is a more upbeat tune that questions whether change is always feasible in a capitalist society. It’s a lovely and introspective song about the decisions we make in life and the role capitalism plays in molding those choices. In addition, the song serves as a poignant reflection that we are not helpless in the face of a system that attempts to exploit and control us. Its catchy melodies and contagious energy conceal a more serious message.

“I Can’t Self-Help My Way Out Of Late-Stage Capitalism” is a bluntly honest track that expresses many people’s anger and despair in the face of a system that appears to benefit only a privileged small handful. Its candid lyrics and stripped-down instrumentation give the song a personal connection, and the depth of feeling on the show is difficult not to be impacted by. It’s an extraordinary melody that is not unique but also an instant classic.

“Magnolia” is the fourth piece on the EP. It is an atmospheric ballad that examines the subject of environmental deterioration and its effect on urban environments, with entrancing vocals that take listeners on a voyage of pure musical happiness and the ideal incarnation of a rock song with enticing rhythms. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a deteriorating world, and the song’s gloomy melody conveys the feeling of loss and sadness that many people feel in the face of this realism.

“I Hold My Breath When I Should Speak,” the EP’s fifth track, is a strong song that speaks to the power dynamics that underlie late-stage capitalism, with its groovy percussions and rhythms that keep the whole track moving in a jazzy flow. The lyrics are a call to action, urging people to voice out against the injustices they see in their surroundings. The soaring chorus and driving rhythm make this an outstanding piece on the EP.

The last but one song, “Poison Ink,” is a hard-hitting and combative tune about how capitalism has perverted our political system and the media that molds our views of the world. It is a profound argument about the need for increased accountability and openness in our political structures. Though it is a simple and relaxing track, it contains lyrics that can pierce even the hardest heart, as well as an amazing production work that softly guides the listener through the song while Tommy P’s singing provides guidance.

Ultimately, “When the World for Humans End” by Harlow’s Monkeys is a potent and profoundly moving EP that speaks to the failings of late-stage capitalism and its effect on our metropolitan settings. Its seven songs give a variety of views on this complex and pressing subject, and its enormous scale and dramatic flare make it an outstanding release in a turbulent and unsure year. Every song is presented with precision and emotion, leaving you spellbound with dazzling effects and a harmonious blend of sounds that will steal your breath away. This EP is more than just appealing; it also conveys profound messages, making it a must-listen for anyone concerned about the state of our world and the environment.

Listen to “When The World for Humans End” EP by Harlow’s Monkeys on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.