Millie Blooms is a musician, songwriter, and producer from Monmouth, United Kingdom, who specializes in rap and hip hop music. Millie creates music that showcases her distinct viewpoint and impassioned messaging. So, recently, Millie Blooms has emerged with a brand-new approach that ignites her suppressed passion for Hip Hop with her new track “Faint of Heart,” which she released on Friday, May 27th, 2022 through all major digital shops.

Millie released “Faint Of Heart,” a song inspired by hip-hop luminaries such as Missy Elliott, Run the Jewels, The Pharcyde, and The Streets. The song is an off-the-cuff improvisation about the hardships of being a productive musician. Millie raps and sings with seductive, diverse, and captivating vocals that elevate her music.

Get To Know Millie Blooms And Her Release "Faint Of Heart" | Music Arena Gh

“Faint Of Heart” is a song about acceptance and understanding your value. “Faint Of Heart” is characterized as a song on the value of living life completely, whether it’s through ambition, passion, hard work, or time. Also, the song serves as a reminder to stay in one’s lane, be true, and just do what one enjoys rather than comparing oneself to others or outside ideas. It redefines what it means to live your life in the present since it marks the start of a new musical adventure in Millie’s artistry.

Get To Know Millie Blooms And Her Release "Faint Of Heart" | Music Arena Gh

Millie’s singing is clean and clear on “Faint Of Heart,” and it wonderfully matches the whole mood and takes the listener on a journey. The song is self-contained, incorporating the feel of classic 90s hip-hop and R&B while maintaining a contemporary flavor.

Listen to “Faint Of Heart” by Millie Blooms on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics

Ambition, critical, any other attitude pitiful
When you really want something bad, better get yourself prepared
Gonna have to work hard, ain’t for the faint heart
Don’t even try to start, If you ain’t got the heart