Hailing once again from the picturesque shores of Nesodden, Norway, IN Kelly washes over us with a melancholic yet strangely beautiful soundscape in his latest single, “Sleepwalker.” Released on January 31, this isn’t your typical IN Kelly and Bravo Papa collaboration, though. “Sleepwalker” marks IN Kelly’s solo debut, a departure that allows his introspective lyrics and smooth vocals to take center stage. Having graced this platform before with “Thought I Was Your Sidekick,” IN Kelly establishes himself as a master of weaving catchy melodies with introspective lyricism. Let’s find out what he brings to this piece.

“Sleepwalker” explodes into existence with a kaleidoscope of beautiful sounds. Shimmering synths and a pulsating electronic drum create a dreamy atmosphere, perfectly setting the stage for the song’s melancholic journey. IN Kelly’s vocals float effortlessly over the soundscape, tinged with a hint of longing that perfectly complements the lyrics. His delivery is both heartfelt and introspective, drawing us into his internal struggle. My favorite part? It’s a toss-up. The opening soundscape is undeniably captivating, but the raw emotion in IN Kelly’s vocals is equally impressive. He delivers the lyrics with a vulnerability that resonates deeply, making me feel every bittersweet pang of lost love.

Lyrically, Lines says, “I was seventeen. When you first came to town, you said you’d always stick around. With your serenades and your jacket crown,” establishing a youthful innocence that pervades the first half of the song. This innocence is mirrored in the bright, hopeful soundscape. However, as the song progresses, the instrumentation subtly darkens, reflecting the passage of time and IN Kelly’s dawning realization that the idyllic world he envisioned can’t last. But the true brilliance of “Sleepwalker” lies in its ability to capture the bittersweet ache of lost love. The repeated refrain, “Sleepwalker, what do you do? It’s just a part of life, it’s just a part of life,” perfectly encapsulates the helplessness and resignation that come with watching a relationship fade.

Gone are the rock-infused sounds of Bravo Papa. The instrumentation in “Sleepwalker” is a marvel of restraint and beauty. Delicate piano flourishes intertwine with the shimmering synths, creating a sonic dreamscape that perfectly complements the emotional weight of the lyrics. The electronic drums add a subtle, yet distinct pulse, propelling the song forward without overpowering the other elements. The production is nothing short of masterful, a perfect blend of electronic and organic elements that allows the song to breathe.

IN Kelly’s return is a welcome one. “Sleepwalker” is a stunning display of his artistry, showcasing his ability to craft infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a soundscape that lingers long after the final note fades. It’s a deeply personal and moving song. If this is just a taste of what’s to come on his upcoming 10-track album, then we’re in for a truly remarkable journey.

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