Proklaim, the Namibian hip-hop artist hailing from Windhoek, is back on our platform, and this time, he’s brought something extraordinary. “Scar,” released on January 8th, 2023, marks a distinct departure from his usual Afrobeat and hip-hop soundscapes. Here, Proklaim delves into the realm of soulful hip-hop, crafting a hypnotic and dreamy soundscape, that perfectly complements the song’s introspective lyrics. Let’s do a deep dive into it!

“Scar” opens with infectious beats that burrow into the ears like aural tendrils. The melody is soulful and hypnotic, imbued with a dreamy quality that instantly sets the introspective tone for the song. The opening lines themselves act as a gateway into the raw and unfiltered world Proklaim invites us into: “We can travel to the deep end; you can show me your wounds, and I can show you mine too.” Here, transparency reigns supreme. This vulnerability sets the stage for a powerful conversation between Proklaim and his conscience, a dialogue laid bare throughout the song.

Proklaim’s vocals are a perfect match for the song’s soulful vibe. He delivers his verses with a smooth cadence, his flow effortlessly navigating the introspective lyrics. There’s a sense of urgency in his delivery—a yearning to unearth the truths that lie beneath the surface. However, it’s never overpowering; instead, it feels like a heartfelt confession whispered in the dead of night. But my favorite part? Undoubtedly, his flow. He weaves seamlessly between introspection and defiance, lamenting the darkness of the world while simultaneously searching for the light. Lines like “money makes the world go around; money makes the women go down; never let the devil wear the crown” showcase his ability to shift moods and keep us engaged.

Now, the instrumentation and production of “Scars” deserve special mention. A departure from Proklaim’s usual Afrobeat and hip-hop influences, “Scars” embraces a soul hip-hop aesthetic. The soulful samples weave a tapestry of warmth, while the hypnotic beats pulsate with their own lives. There’s a dreamlike quality to the production that perfectly complements the reflective nature of the lyrics, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in his journey.

Overall, “Scar” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful testament to the human experience. Proklaim’s willingness to be so open and honest about his struggles is both refreshing and inspiring. This song is a perfect addition to Proklaim’s already impressive repertoire, showcasing depth and maturity in his artistry. He has carved a unique niche for himself in the music scene and with “Scars,” he sheds his usual skin and emerges with a song that is both deeply personal and undeniably catchy. It’s a must-listen for anyone seeking authenticity, depth, and a soulful soundscape that will make an impact.

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