Jean RN, occasionally referred to as Ben Wright, emerges as a musical genius from the lovely surroundings of Stowmarket, UK. “SKID MARKZ,” his newest EP, is a captivating combination of emotionally charged Glitch-Pop with enticing undertones of Vaporwave aesthetics. With inspirations ranging from Oneohtrix Point Never to Charli XCX, The Microphones to Bon Iver, and Gilla Band, Jean RN delivers a musical experience that is as equally diverse as it is compelling. Released on September 14th, this four-track EP is an exciting 15-minute exploration of the various layers of human emotions, delicately wrapped in piercing sounds paired with soft synthesizers, all set against ever-evolving song structures. It’s a sonic journey that digs deep into the past, allowing listeners to accept and finally let go.

The journey begins with “30th May 2022,” a sonic narrative that transports the listener into the world of Jean RN. This track opens “SKID MARKZ” with its hauntingly surreal vibe. The breathtaking vocals and glitchy electronic elements set the tone for the EP. It feels like a melancholy reflection on a certain date, evoking nostalgia and the weight of memory.

With poignant lyrics and beautiful instrumentation, “Song For C” takes a more introspective turn. Jean RN’s vocals flourish in this song, giving a deep feeling of desire and connection. This song conveys the subject of hanging on to memories and personal relationships, paying loving respect to someone or something of great significance.

Sure,” the EP’s midpoint, ushers in a sonic transition, fusing glitchy sounds with a more immediate and danceable pace. It exudes confidence and acceptance, as though the artist has accepted the certainty of change. The fusion of sharp and soft components in this tune nicely depicts the conflicting feelings of moving forward.

Diarrhea,” the EP’s final track, is a fascinating antithesis. The song’s title may pique your interest, but it’s a sound collage of warped textures and dreamy synthesizers. It seems like a cathartic release, letting go of the weight and mental burden of the past. This track’s chaotic beauty symbolizes the transforming journey that “SKID MARKZ” has taken us on.

In conclusion, “SKID MARKZ” by Jean RN is an excellent EP that melds diverse inspirations to produce a very emotional and artistically complex experience. The EP stands as a testament to Jean RN’s creative brilliance and drive to push musical boundaries, with each track exploring a different aspect of emotional growth and evolution. It’s a must-listen for anybody looking for music that defies genres and appeals to the heart.

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