Diddy, Westside Gunn, Larry June, and JID are also featured on the long-awaited album.

Joey Bada$$ finally came through with 2000 this weekend, and it’s safe to say the wait was well worth it. Though he handles nine of the 14 tracks all on his own, for features, the 27-year-old tapped Diddy, Westside Gunn, Larry June, and JID to help him out – and not to mention the collaboration he, Chris Brown, and Capella Grey put together on the album’s ninth song, “Welcome Back.”

Breezy and Bada$$ take turns singing about their bedroom antics over the BBEARDED-produced beat. “I know you miss suckin’ this d*ck, ain’t gotta say much / Pillowcase full of makeup, soon as you break up with a n*gga,” the latter brags.

For his part, Brown flirtatiously sings, “She my sneaky link, ain’t no tellin’ for being faithful / Grippin’ on your body and bending it out of shape.”

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Notable Lyrics:

Suitcase packed, sneaky links to Jamaica
Hit it from the back, like a n*gga f*ckin’ hate ya
Uh, she call me Bada$$ the Backbreaker
The Heart Taker, the Bedroom Dominator
Best to don’t leave your girl around me, true playa for real
‘Cause when she hit me ’round three, I’ma slay it for real