John Leslie Hulcombe, from Australia, continues to fascinate fans with his sincere and thought-provoking folk-rock music, and his song “Love Found a Way,” released in June 2021, was no exception. “Love Found a Way,” Leslie’s follow-up to “Born of the Fire,” digs deeper into his spiritual inquiry and presents a heartfelt plea for God’s love. It has great affirmations of devotion and it’s pleasant with an uplifting environment everywhere, with such vibrant and exuberant energy that touches you in the core. Keep reading and appreciate the sweetness that this song has to offer.

“Love Found a Way” begins with an attractive drum roll, establishing a fascinating and inviting ambiance that quickly draws us in. The atmosphere is upbeat, and the sounds are quite authentically arranged, with guitar and piano riffs primarily responsible for the song’s harmonic richness. Leslie’s voice is calming, and emotional, and expresses the genuineness of his song effortlessly. Though the lyrics are kept basic, the song’s concept is highlighted in such a way that it powerfully demonstrates its envisioned goal. His delivery is so alive and emotive that it nearly feels like he’s telling you his life story.

However, what distinguishes the song for me is its lyrical profundity. The words show a heartfelt longing for God’s love to touch and improve our lives, and they serve as a genuine cry to a higher power. The melody is infectious and memorable, with an inherent charm and joviality that will grab you from the first listen. That being said, this is a song that gradually develops on you and enables you to thoroughly consume its sweetness. The lyrics are powerful, and we can’t help but be struck by Leslie’s genuineness and tenderness in his composing. I felt each line he sang, which is a very wonderful feature of the song for me.

Not to mention the instrumentation, which is brilliantly crafted with a faint folk touch, adding to the overall ambiance and creating a feeling of originality. The production is excellent with a clear and balanced mix that highlights the song’s message. Thanks to the raw and organic nature of the recording that lends an intimate quality to the overall listening experience.

Overall, John Leslie Hulcombe’s “Love Found a Way” is a moving song that demonstrates his talent to produce music that is extremely emotive. It’s a song with great lyrics that brilliantly explore hope and brightness. The words are inspiring and motivational, as well as lovely. It’s a tune that will make any listener feel hopeful and positive.

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