Junk, comprised of Aaron “Dubl A” Seener, Dale “Dirty D” Pearson, and Nik “Anthem” Mathews, delivers an exhilarating masterwork that crosses genres and defies music business standards in their recent musical endeavor. They’ve developed a captivating combination of Jazz and Funk with their music “We Call It Junk,” which came out on July 13th, weaving together a tapestry of influences that effortlessly integrate classical orchestration, hip-hop, R&B, punk rock, and more. This song not only defies musical categorization but also takes listeners on a thrilling journey of artistic self-discovery and uninhibited expression. Let’s have a glimpse at what it comprises.

“We Call It Junk” starts with hi-hats and a piano melody that leads into Nik’s “Anthem” vocals. His vocals ring true with real passion and honesty, and he exudes confidence, with an appropriate beat that complements his expressive and engaging delivery. His voice slides seamlessly over the song’s many layers, bearing the weight of its concept, which is a message of self-assurance and encouragement to accept our individuality while retaining an unbroken connection with us. Nik’s “Anthem” vocals display the band’s commitment to pushing limits, challenging expectations, and accepting flaws. His flow and the song’s cadence are captivating, and I admire how the rapport between them is evident. Their prowess as musicians and composers merge elegantly throughout the song, resulting in explosive teamwork that highlights their common vision. This synergy is the track’s vital power, infusing genuineness into every note and every lyric.

“We Call It Junk” is, at its core, a manifesto for individuals who embrace creativity, journey into unexplored territory, and dare to face the skeptics. The lyrics are a profound statement on the duality that artists endure between the appreciation they receive from the outside and the unwillingness to accept their unique works. The storyline of the song navigates the difficulties between heritage and creativity, defining comparisons between classical compositions and modern rhythms before eventually bridging the gap between seemingly different parts. It helps us to recognize our inner critics and advocates, and to recognize that the conflict between these positions pulls us forward. JUNK invites us to be the builders of our creative journeys, to transcend limitations, and to relish in the splendor of our freedom to create. It’s a celebration of the individuality that distinguishes each person, just like the nuanced musical blend that JUNK has branded as their own. Dale “Dirty D” Pearson’s lyrical genius adds a dimension of reflection to the song, reminding us that we are our own toughest critics and most ardent followers. The message of the song is clear: welcome criticism and self-evaluation, celebrate personal growth, and ignore the cacophony of negativity.

The track’s production is superb. The band has a distinct style that is unique, catchy, and powerful. The genre mix creates an intriguing sound that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. The jazzy accompaniment is a highlight and the perfect finishing touch. The track’s quality is unmistakable, and it will undoubtedly have you rocking. The melody is infectious and will have you whistling along in no time. “We Call It Junk” becomes more than just an aural experience as the rhythms combine and Dale’s “Dirty D” saxophone dances with Aaron’s “Dubl A” basslines. It’s an invitation to question, investigate, and expand. The song demonstrates that inventiveness has no bounds by fusing classical arrangements with an unwavering rhythm. This is the kind of musical creation that, in my opinion, is a masterclass in genre-bending creativity.

Finally, “We Call It Junk” is a groundbreaking song that honors artistic independence, the quest for creative progress, and the perseverance required to exist in a world full of critics and curators. JUNK’s dedication to their art and refusal to be limited by labels make this single a must-have for any playlist that appreciates creativity and authenticity. They call it junk, but we call it a victory of musical individualism, as they so beautifully put it. “We Call It Junk” is a fantastic tune that blends a range of musical elements to produce something unique and pleasant. I recommend giving it a shot and promise you’ll be spinning it repeatedly!

Listen to “We Call It Junk” by Junk on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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