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Lil Yachty Brings A Rainbow Out With Cole Bennett For “TESLA” Music Video

Lil Yachty’s been on a wild run of new music these days, following up his psych-pop excursions on Let’s Start Here with eclectic, vibrant, and creative singles. The latest of those is “TESLA,” which sounds like a mix of his classic energy with some rage-inspired sounds and timbres. Despite the aesthetics of the track, the Atlanta artist enlisted Cole Bennett and Lyrical Lemonade to bring the new release’s vision to the visual realm. In the music video, Yachty raps nonchalantly through the song, dancing and emphasizing certain lines with a lot of charisma. To match it, the video’s direction combines a lot of different color palettes with clever and striking angles and outfit choices.

When Lil Yachty is outside, his pink sweater and headband blend in with the pink garage door and fences. Inside a yellow kitchen with lemons on display, the rapper, singer, producer, and curator wears an accented jacket with the same tone. There are plenty of other examples here and ones that capture him in interesting poses, performances, and postures. It might not seem like the deepest thing in the world, but its most important mission is to draw you in with its visuals. In that sense, “TESLA” more than succeeds, as Bennett’s videos pretty much always do.

At this point, the two have a lot of history together as collaborators, so this naturally comes off as a team effort. Lil Yachty has always maintained a reputation for his vision regardless of execution, whether that’s influencing a whole new generation or contributing to other projects. The 26-year-old might even transition into films now, as he had a cameo appearance in the trailer for Kai Cenat’s action-comedy short film “Global Pursuit.” Wherever he goes next, we know that creativity will follow.

Meanwhile, Yachty recently suggested that he would drop a new song every week for the rest of the year. While an album might still be on the horizon, it’s still exciting to see this prolific resurgence with a new sound. If you haven’t seen the visuals for “TESLA” yet, check the music video out above. Also, stay up to date on SONGWEB for the latest news and updates on Lil Yachty, Cole Bennett, and Lyrical Lemonade.

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